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The episode starts with Lakshmi says to Kannamma that real father should take their children outside, buy things for them. Neither he talked with her nor she meet him. If he comes in front of her also she can’t able to find out who is he? She hates her father to the core. Kannamma stops her from writing about her father.

Lakshmi is not listening to her at all. Kannamma has no idea how to explain it to her. Lakshmi shares to her that she watched one song in TV. One father roaming around with his daughter happily in it. Seeing it she got hurt. Kannamma hugs her. Lakshmi says to her that she knew well that Kannamma will cry if she see it that’s why she wishes to rub it before she coming. Lakshmi says to her nothing to worry she will become a collector. Soundarya asks Hema to say the 6th vaippadu. She says to her that she don’t know what is it? Latter she understands that she asking to tell 6th tables. Akhil is teasing Hema there.

Hema asks Soundarya to dial Kannamma she wants to talk with her. Bharathi asked her to eat only one day from Cooking aunty. So she wants to share this to her. Bharathi comes there and informs to them that he brought pure butter for Hema. We can use this ghee to prepare everything for Hema. Soundarya questions him Is she want to cook everything in ghee hereafter? Bharathi questions her why did she showing anger on Hema? She deny it reasoning she is talking with Bharathi. Bharathi says to her that he knew well that she is arguing with him for that cooking lady. Soundarya informs to him that Hema is eating well Cooking lady hand made food. That’s why she asked her to cook for her.

Bharathi questions her doesn’t he has the right’s to choose food for his daughter? Soundarya says to him that she didn’t mean it. He is looking down on that lady’s cooking. Varathu convinces her. Soundarya thinks that she wishes to see Hema eating her mother hand made food. But Bharathi is not allowing her. Bharathi shows the word written in auto to Akhil and Soundarya. Bharathi praises that kid whom written it. Soundarya reminds that Lakshmi did it. She questions him did he see who is in it? He deny it. Soundarya thinks that Kannamma sat in it.

Soundarya is searching for something. She notices the naming ceremony banner of Lakshmi. She reminds the incidents emotionally. She feels guilty for separating two kids these many years. She thinks that she searched for Kannamma these many years but now she returned to Chennai. Varathu notices Soundarya is staring the banner of Kannamma and her kid. Bharathi questions her what’s this all? He throws down the banner.

Bharathi questions her doesn’t she has shame to stare this banner? She cheated him and left the house. Bharathi questions Soundarya Is she love Kannamma more then Bharathi? Soundarya questions him whom don’t love their children? He is always looking down on her love on him. What’s his problem if she stares Kannamma’s banner? Bharathi questions her doesn’t she is showing fake love on him?

Soundarya says to him that he is insulting her love on him. She liked Kannamma too. Even after knowing that Kannamma suffering outside with kid. Her grand daughter is walking on road. She can’t able to see them in that state.though she is staying with him without helping Kannamma, reasoning her love on him. Varathu complaints that he suspect her love on him as ‘ fake’. She is hesitating to bring Kannamma to house thinking that he will push her out of the house.

Shanthi asks Venba to do something against Kannamma and marry Bharathi soon. She says to her that she will do it soon. Bharathi reaches there. Shanthi leaves to bring juice for him. Bharathi shares to Venba that he lived happily with Kannamma. Those are happiest day in his life. But he hates it to the core. Still Soundarya is staring Kannamma’s banner. Shanthi comes there and complaints to Bharathi that he is visiting Venba often to share his suffering to her. But neighbors are talking bad about Venba connecting with him. She shares to him that all are badmouthing on Venba.

Episode end.