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The episode starts with Hema is admiring herself on mirror. She wishes to show it to Bharathi. He praises her beauty and questions her whom brought this dress for her? Hema complaints that something happened to him its better he is consulting one doctor. He is forgetting the things which he done. He brought this dress for her even she asked him to buy the same dress for Lakshmi too. Bharathi apologies to her reasoning he forget in work tension. Hema tells him that this dress looks beautiful to Lakshmi then her. She is reflecting like Soundarya in many things. She adds that Lakshmi is talking like Soundarya behaving in same way. Bharathi asks her to stop talking about them. Hema apologies to him and leaves.

Venu questions Soundarya what’s she gonna do now only 4 days are in her hand? Soundarya says to him that she has no other option in her hand.  Bharathi pleaded with her to don’t separate Hema from him. Kannamma comes there. Soundarya questions her why is she here? Kannamma questions them why are they treating her like enemy? She is here to take her daughter from here. Akhil says to her still two days are left. Kannamma tells her that they are asking her to wait for some days to take her own daughter out. Kannamma tells her she is here to take Hema out for temple. Soundarya pleads with her to leave from here reasoning Bharathi is here. He will create a scene here. Anjali asks Kannamma to leave but she is determined to take Hema with her. She demands them to lie with him and send Hema with her.  Just then Bharathi and Hema reaches there.


Kannamma gets happy to see her there. Venu fears to get caught. Hema hugs Kannamma and kiss on her forehead. Hema questions her where is Lakshmi? Kannamma tells her that Lakshmi is waiting down. Hema says to her she will go and bring her here. Kannamma says to her no needs we can go together. Bharathi questions her what’s going on here? Kannamma says to her she wanna take Hema to temple. Hema complaints that dad won’t give permission to her.

Soundarya tells her first they wanna give permission to her. Bharathi doubts why did Soundarya deny it. Kannamma questions them doesn’t she take care of Hema one week. Isn’t she has rights to take her out? Hema asks permission to Bharathi to go out? Bharathi gives permission to her. Lakshmi comes there and calls Hema. They hugs each other and gives visual treat to them. Everyone gets happy to see their bond.


Kannamma takes both kids from there. Venu shares to them they looks good together. She is so happy it seems. Kannamma hugs both kids while sitting inside the car. Hema tells to Kannamma that she can’t able to believe that she is going out with Kannamma. She never thought Bharathi will give permission to her to go out. He used to stop her talking with Kannamma nor visit her house. Lakshmi says it’s strange to her also because Kannamma booked car today instead of using auto. Kannamma tells her that Lakshmi used to ask her she wishes to travel in car. Lakshmi asks her to buy ice cream for her.

Hema questions Kannamma why did Bharathi didn’t like her at all? He is getting angry whenever she take her name. Hema questions her why did she taking her out? Kannamma says to her she is also her daughter. She gives explanation to her also. Venu is reading the newspaper Soundarya crushes it and throws it out. Soundarya vent out her anger on him. She adds that Kannamma showing so much love on Hema now Bharathi is gonna get suspicious more. She shares her grief with him. She says to him that she is not getting any peace at all to she finish it. Venu questions her what is Kannamma share the truth to Hema? She fears to hear it. Venu reminds her that Hema knew well her mom’s name is Kannamma. Soundarya tells him that Bharathi lied to her she is no more. He tells her kids don’t understand the logic. If someone mention Kannamma’s name then Hema gets doubt she is her mom! Soundarya leaves from there to stop Kannamma.


Episode end.