Bharathi kannamma 19th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi thank Bharathi for doing everything for her. Bharathi questions her why did she thinking him? Lakshmi informs to him that her mom taught her we should thank the person whom helping us. Lakshmi reminds the first meeting of Lakshmi with Bharathi in village, then the way Lakshmi informed to Bharathi about her mom state, they send fire arrow to Ravana in village. Finally how did he sponsored for her education. His love for her and the way he gave scholarship to her. The way he treating her like Hema and pouring love on her! Lakshmi says to all that she is feeling like she is staring her father whenever she is seeing Bharathi. She wishes to mention him as dad too sometime.

Venu says to Lakshmi that she can mention him as dad too. Bharathi will never take her as wrong. Venba dislikes it all. Lakshmi says to him that she can’t able to call him in that way out of blue. Bharathi says to him don’t force kid let her mention him in her wish. Venu says to Hema and Lakshmi that they shouldn’t break their friendship and stays together.

Venba takes Shanthi out. She says to her that nothing is going well here. Shanthi asks her to calm down let’s see what’s going to happen here. Venba says to her that she brought her here to kick out that Lakshmi from this house. Now she mentioned him as dad but Bharathi is admiring her too. If she leave it then Kannamma will unite with Bharathi again. Shanthi says to her that she won’t allow them to unite back. Venba says to her let’s think a way to separate her from Bharathi.

Shanthi question Venba Is Bharathi know who is Lakshmi mother? She informs to her that except Bharathi everyone know this truth but hiding from him. Shanthi says to her let’s reveal this truth to Bharathi then he will kick her out of this house. They can enjoy it. Venba questions her what if Bharathi misunderstand her she hide this from him these many days. Shanthi says to her let’s bring Kannamma here lying Bharathi learnt the truth about Lakshmi.

Venba appreciate her idea. Shanthi calls to kannamma and questions her Isn’t she Lakshmi’s mom? She nods. She questions her who is she? She mentions her name. Kannamma reminds how the way she slapped Shanthi in temple for praying for Venba and Bharathi. Shanthi lies to her that Bharathi learnt the truth that Lakshmi is Kannamma’s daughter. He created a big problem here and disconnects the call. Kannamma gets nervous.

Venu says to Anjali that Soundarya didn’t come yet. Lakshmi says to Bharathi that she will stand here let’s Hema cut the cake. Bharathi asks her to stop thinking like this and cut the cake. Kannamma reaches there. Hema and Lakshmi cuts the cake together. Kannamma feels happy to see it. Bharathi feeds to Hema and Lakshmi. They feeds him back too. Hema and Lakshmi feeds each other the cake. Kannamma admires them.

Episode end.