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The episode starts with Kannamma takes Hema and Lakshmi to temple and prays to god. Lakshmi says to Hema it will be good if they stays near by? Hema says to her correct she is close with Kannamma and Lakshmi is close with Bharathi. Kannamma questions Hema Isn’t she see her mom yet? Hema nods to her and adds that her mom things was in her home but Daddy burnt everything thinking she will be adamant to meet her. Kannamma questions her doesn’t she asked her daddy to take her near her mom? Hena tells her she used to cry in childhood days to meet her mom Soundarya said to her. Bharathi says to her that her mom died when she was borned. She stopped being adamant after she learnt the truth.

Kannamma thinks that she is alive here but they lied to her daughter she was dead. How could they lie to her daughter in this way? She never lied to Lakshmi her dad died. At least Soundarya can able to stop him right? She can’t able to wait more she gonna reveal the truth to Hema now. Kannamma about to confess the truth to Hema but Soundarya comes there and stops her. Soundarya says to Kannamma that Cooking mom is like her mom. Soundarya sends kids from there. Kannamma questions Soundarya why don’t she allow her to spend time with her kids? She complains that she would have said the truth to her now. Kannamma questions her what’s wrong in it doesn’t she is her daughter? Why is she here to sit her? Soundarya lies to her Bharathi is going out so she is here to take Hema with her.

Kannamma questions her why didn’t she informed this in phone call then? She knew well she won’t do like this. She can’t able to see Kannamma is spending time with kids that’s why she is here. Soundarya complaints that she is not understanding her heart. Kannamma says to her that she is not a saint to understand e everyones heart. Kannamma complaints that Bharathi lied to Hema Kannamma was dead. He burnt all her things to in order to stop her questions about her mom? Even Soundarya stays silent in supporting way. She separated her daughter before she see her. She too created an image in Hema’s heart Kannamma died so she may call her as cooking mom but she can’t able to accept her as mom. They are keep torturing her and not let her live in her own way. Who wanna give permission to her to spend time with her kids? Why are they keep torturing her. Doesn’t she know it’s sin to separate mom and daughter. She has no interest to unite her with Hema that’s why she was silent when Bharathi mentioned her died. She needs her heir to stay with Bharathi and doesn’t care about Kannamma.

Soundarya lashes out at Kannamma and says to her she is not sleeping well in guilt. She has only one thought in her mind to unite Kannamma and Bharathi. She asked her husband to Upbring her baby didn’t send her to orphanage.Kannamma complaints that she is getting angry on her when she is mentioning her stoled her baby. What if someone stole Akhil and Bharathi from her? Will she stay like this?

Kannamma says to her that she is feeling this much then why didn’t she think about her pain? Both are having an hearing argument over this topic. Soundarya informs to her that she asked Bharathi to raise Hema because he was in depression. Kannamma asks her to reveal the truth to Bharathi then. She says to her that he will die. Soundarya leaves from there taking Hema with her. Bharathi walks to and forth in house waiting for Soundarya. She comes there with Hema. Bharathi enquires to Hema what happened there. He sends Hema from there and keeps questioning Soundarya? He demands her to say the truth. Soundarya lies to him that she was consoling Kannamma because she is searching for her another daughter. Bharathi questions her why did Kannamma visiting his house often? May she will say Hema is her another daughter. If she say like that then he won’t stay quiet. He insults Kannamma and leaves.

Episode end.