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The episode starts with Kannamma drawing rangloli in competition. All are concentrating on their rangoli. Anchor is announcing time limits to all. Soundarya is pacing the office nervous. She thinks that Kannamma is very adamant in her decisions.

She is participating in this competition for this small amount 1lakh. If she agree to go with her then she can enjoys the luxurious life and money. Why is Kannamma not considering this all? Soundarya again complaints that her self respect is allowing her fights this much.

Venba reaches temple. She notices Kannamma and gets angry. She thinks how come Kannamma is here where Soundarya came to as judge? If she don’t wants to live with Bharathi then why did she came back to chennai? She is here to ruin her peace. If Kannamma meets Soundarya then she will takes Kannammma to her house.

Venba thinks that Kannamma deserves this types of life only. She don’t deserved doctor Bharathi. That fool Bharathi fall in love with this Kannamma. He proposed to her losting his mind but where is Kannamma mind lost she might make him understand that her status won’t match with him. She happily accepted him and married to him how will she see that Kannamma leading a happy life with Bharathi that’s why she spoiled her life.

Venba looks for Soundarya. She wishes to stop Kannamma meeting Soundarya at any cost. Kannamma is coloring her Rangoli. Anchor announces to all that time is up. She asks everyone to take 20 minutes break. Judges will choose the winner in these time. All contestants leaves from there. Venba wishes to ruin Kannamma’s rangoli.

Venba takes mug of water and comes near Kannamma’s rangoli. She thinks her art is good but she going to ruin it. One kid is recording this all. He starts threatening Venba with the video. Venba tries to divert him but no response from him. At last Venba drops her plan. Anchor brings Judges to the ground. They starts checking all rangoli one by one. Venba thinks that she must stop Soundarya giving first prize to Kannamma. Venba goes near Soundarya and greets her.

She praises Soundarya for attending this function. Soundarya enquires to Venba doesn’t she have any works to do why is she here? Venba manages with some lame reasons. Venba introduces her as a doctor to them. They asks Venba to join with them. Venba tries her best to distract Soundarya not seeing Kannamma’s rangoli. She takes Soundarya to another place but rest all notices Kannamma’s rangoli

Soundarya likes Kannamma’s rangoli and thinks one mother, whom wishes to see her daughter studying well. Its resembling in this rangoli. Venba starts mocking Kannamma’s rangoli to distract Soundarya. But Soundarya starts mocking Venba for looking down on a mother’s feeling and culture of Tamil nadu.

Soundarya starts advising her and leaves from there. Anchor announces the prize amount to all. She invites the all three judges on stage. Kannamma gets shock to see Soundarya there. Seeing her Kannamma starts leave from there but Sumathi stops her.

Episode end.