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The episode starts with Bharathi reminds the way Kannamma acted different. He thinks something is fishy. Kannamma behaving like Hema is her own daughter. He can’t able to stop her taking advantage on Hema because Hema will be disappointed. Bharathi calls to Bhagya and enquires to her what about the divorce matter? Why didn’t she take any move in it. Bhagya says to Bharathi it’s not a small thing to do it easily. She needs time to convince Kannamma. Bharathi asks her to do it asap or else he won’t give money to her. Bhagya assures to him she will definitely do it for him because she need that money. Bharathi asks her to don’t forget the amount he offered for her. Bhagya questions him doesn’t he always living separately then why did he spending one crore to get divorce from kannamma? Bharathi tells her its unnecessary things to her. Bhagya agrees to help him and disconnects the call. Venba opens the door and gets shock to see Kannamma is sitting inside her house. Kannamma welcomes her in and says she is waiting for her here. Venba questions her when did she came?

Kannamma says to her that she came here 2 hours before. Venba questions her why don’t she inform to her before she come here? Kannamma complaints that she may won’t come that’s why she came straight to here from temple. She gives viboothi to her and says she prayed to god to give good thoughts to Venba. Kannamma asks her to show her daughter to her at least today. Venba thinks that she is talking in sarcasm way. Kannamma pretends like worrying about her daughter and demands her to show her photo at least. Venba denies it. Kannamma questions her how will she look like? Venba tells her that she look like staying in empty stomach for 10 days, wearing dirty dress and with messy hair. Kannamma questions her why did she doing like this?

Venba complaints to Kannamma that she is living her life. She wanna torture her that’s why she gave her child to beggars team. Kannamma questions her why did she showing her anger on a kid. Venba tells her she doesn’t know what’s good or bad everything is correct in her life. Kannamma questions her Is she a human being? Why did she living a shameless life she is not even a woman at all. Venba says to her she doesn’t care about it all because she snatched her love from her. Kannamma asks her to hang in death instead of leading a shameless life like this. Venba questions her doesn’t she wanna see her daughter? Kannamma says to her she don’t trust her words and also she know how to meet her daughter. Venba questions her how will she meet her daughter?

Kannamma takes the mobile which she hides behind the TV to record everything. Venba pleads with her to delete it. Kannamma says to her she will show it to police station she confessed everything to in it. Venba pleads with her. Kannamma says to her she didn’t recorded anything yet. She threatened her to behave herself and be in her limit or else she will inform this to Soundarya. She will kill her if she comes to know it. Anjali is doing hair for Hema. Soundarya says to her that she is resembling everything in Kannamma. Hema notices tattoo in Mallika’s hand and enquires to her about it. Soundarya explains to her.

Hema wishes to put tattoo in her hand. Soundarya questions her whose name she wanna do tattoo in her hand? Hema says that she wanna put Bharathi’s name as tattoo in her dad reasoning he is always busy in his work and not staying with her. If she put tattoo then he will be with her always. Bharathi feels happy to hear it. Soundarya thinks that it seems hard to separate Hema from Bharathi? Bharathi comes there and questions Hema Is she love him this much? She nods to him. Bharathi hugs her and says to Soundarya she loves him very much. He takes Hema from there.

Venba sneaks into Soundarya’s room and thinks that she is successful playing a game and trying to unite Bharathi and Kannamma. It’s all happening because of this Hema. She thinks let’s kidnap her and teach a lesson to her. Kannamma wakes up from her nightmare and worries about Hema. She calls to Soundarya and enquires to her about Hema? She shares to her that no one gonna kidnap her crossing her. Kannamma shares her grief with Soundarya.

Episode end.