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The episode starts with Hema and Anjali reaches to Kannamma’s house. She ignores Hema thinking her as illusion. Anjali brings Kannamma back to earth and says to her they are here to meet her but she ignoring them. Kannamma apologies to them and explains to Hema that she got the illusion of Hema talking with her from morning itself that’s why she ignored them. Kannamma questions them why did they visited here unexpected? Anjali shares to her that she wishes to spend time with Kannamma that’s why. Kannamma touches Anjali’s belly and talks with her baby then says to Hema that she will be busy after baby come out. She nods to her.

 Kannamma asks Lakshmi to come out and check who came here to play with her. Lakshmi gets happy to meet Hema there and hugs her. Anjali says to Kannamma that they planned to visit Kannamma’s house but Bharathi offered lift to them but somehow he got an emergency call and left from there dropping them there. Lakshmi questions them Is they cheating Bharathi? Hema denies it. Kannamma says to them she will cook something for them. Anjali asks her to stop wasting time they are gonna spend time with them two days so let’s order from online. Just then Bharathi calls Anjali. She asks everyone to keep silent and talks with him. Bharathi asks Hema to behave like a good girl and don’t disturb Anjali and her parents. Hema somehow manages to lies with him and disconnect the call. Hema shares the matter to them.


Anjali orders food in online. Hema and Lakshmi complaints to Kannamma that they are feeling so bored here. Let’s play with kite. Kannamma says to them that they need wind for it. Hema tries to crack jokes with them Lakshmi comments it as not funny at all. Lakshmi asks her to play hide and seek with them. Kannamma denies it reasoning she is not in the age to play with them. She suggests them to play cards. They starts plays cards together.  Anjali comes there and helps Lakshmi.

 Lakshmi questions Kannamma why didn’t she play with her but she is playing with Hema happily. Kannamma tries to manage the situation. Just then the food arrived there.  Hema collects it and starts eating together. Kannamma complaints that its cost too much its better she cooks for them. Anjali complaints that Kannamma used to waste her time in kitchen instead of playing with her. Lakshmi adds that Kannamma is like that only. Anjali says to her that Lakshmi worrying for her a lot.


Anjali shares to Kannamma that she is so happy after long days. Kannamma says to her that she might be happy in her pregnancy period why is she unhappy? Anjali manages the situation. Kannamma shares to her that she is so happy to spend time with her kids she adds that she will understand it after give birth to baby. Anjali thinks that she won’t be alive after her delivery they wanna take care of her baby. Soundarya and Venu are discussing about Kannamma. Soundarya calls Kannamma and enquires to her about Anjali and Hema.

 Kannamma shares to them what happened there and share her happiness with them. Kannamma says to him that she feels guilt always because she couldn’t give this love to her baby yet. Soundarya asks Kannamma to send Hema in two days reasoning Bharathi will create problems. Kannamma asks her to stop giving pressure to her. She wishes to keep Hema with her always she agrees to send her for her state only. Kannamma says to her she will send her home when she is comfortable. Soundarya feels unhappy. Bharathi reaches to home and searches for Hema and feels emotional when he realize she is not in home.


Episode end