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The episode starts with Kannamma is cooking Rava laddu. Soundarya comes there. Kannamma informs to her that her work is almost over. Soundarya asks Kannamma to give one laddu to her. Kannamma gives it to her. Soundarya appreciates her cooking. Soundarya asks Kannamma to eat the laddu but she refuses to eat. Soundarya tells to Kannamma that she is unlucky that’s why Kannamma not even eating with her hand. Kannamma feels emotional and eats with her hand. Soundarya thinks she want to stop Kannamma from leaving the house.

Kannamma informs to Soundarya that she will leave in 10 minutes. Soundarya gets angry when Kannamma mentions her as madam. She shouts on Kannamma for it. She requests to Kannamma to mention her as Aunty. Kannamma hesitates. Soundarya pleads with her. Kannamma calls her as aunty. Soundarya feels happy for it. Soundarya questions to Kannamma about Lakshmi? Kannamma tells to her that Lakshmi is Soundarya’s dicto. She is resembling her in everything.

Soundarya questions Kannamma why didn’t she bring her here? Soundarya asks to Kannamma in excitement Is she know anything about Soundarya? Kannamma asks to her how will she introduces her to Lakshmi? Still she has no answer for her question where is father? Soundarya says to Kannamma she will meet Lakshmi then. Kannamma says to Soundarya she will question her how comes grandma is here without father?

Hema comes there so Soundarya leaves from there giving space to them. Soundarya is hiding money inside the sarie. Venu comes there and says to her, She is preparing this for Kannamma but she won’t accept it reasoning previous incident. Soundarya asks him to talk positively with her. Soundarya gives an idea to him.

Lakshmi feels bore without Kannamma. Kumar comes there Lakshmi asks to him when will Kannamma reach back. He replies to her soon. He asks her to play with Manju. She informs to him that she went to her uncle house. Lakshmi says to him that her mom working hard for her so she will definitely turns to be a collector. Kumar appreciates her thoughts.

Soundarya makes sure with Akhil that Bharathi won’t come down. Kannamma reaches there Soundarya gives the sarie to her. She refuses to accept it reasoning she is mere a cook not relation. Soundarya and everyone tries to convinces her. At last Soundarya shouts on her so Kannamma accepts it. Soundarya places vermillion on her hair line and bless her.

Episode end.