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Today episode starts with Soundarya narrates the past to an unknown grandma. She request her to help her out. She assures to her she will help her because its about an newborn baby and mother feelings she will definitely do it. Soundarya thank her. Here Kannamma finish feeding her baby and caress her back. She says to Tulasi that she is calm now after drinking milk.

Tulasi agree with it. Grandma comes there with Kannamma another baby. She ask to Kannamma to help her out? She question her what should she do? Grandma lies to her that this baby is contonuously crying her mom went to do rituals it will takes hours to finish it. As mother she can understand what she meant this baby is crying in hunger if she won’t mind can she feed her?

Tulasi recognize it was Kannamma’s twin baby. Soundarya ask her to be silent she nods. Kannamma agrees to do it. She takes her another baby in her hand and staring her emotionally unaware of the truth its also her blood. She feeding to her she felt goosebumps while feeding her. Soundarya felt happy seeing it. She gives back the baby to that Grandma she thank her and leaves.

 Soundarya takes the baby in her hand and thanked the Grandma. Kannamma shares to Tulasi that she felt an unknown connection with that baby. She felt goosebumbs while fed her she felt it before when she first time fed her baby. She wished to hold back that baby life long. Tulasi wonders how comes she feel it?


Durga comes to temple and enquiring flower seller Is naming ceremony function going in? She replies as yes. Venba notice him and hides immediately beside the car. He is looking here and there and dials to her but she puts it in flight mode. He gets angry and starts searching for her. Gomathi also searching for Venba to confess the truth that Kannamma gives birth to twins one living with Bharathi but phone didn’t reached.


Bharathi talking in phone and see Kannamma there he thinks she is following him everywhere. Tulasi notice him too so hides from his sight immediately. Bharathi pushed an person away and question Kannamma why did she following him? She replies to him that she don’t wanna do it? Soundarya and Venu wonders how comes he came here? Bharathi says she is doing this all to get his sympathy so stop doing this cheap drama with him. Kannamma replies why should she do such things?

 Grandma and Grandpa question Kannamma who is he why did he behaving so rude with her? She answer them that he is the father of her child. Grandma smiles and ask him to participate in the function. He pushed her hand away and shouts on her. Soundarya gets disappoint seeing him behaving rudely there.

One politician notice Bharathi there and start a convetsation with him by introducing himself. He learns from Grandma that he is the father of that child her naming ceremony going here. He ask him to bless the child and give sugar water to her along with Kannamma. He has no option left so he do it with her irrittatedly.

 Soundarya and Venu feels happy seeing it. He blessed that baby and praise her by saying she is dicto of Bharathi. He glares Kannamma. She ask him to leave by signal. He leaves from there frustrated. Grandma says to Kannamma that its all fate that’s why god brings him here on time. She smiles back


Episode end.