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The episode starts with Soundarya fills vermillion on Kannamma’s hairline. Kannamma falls on Soundarya feets and gets blessing from her. Soundarya asks Akhil to give the cash. Kannamma says to Soundarya they may be rich but she don’t need high pay. Soundarya replies to her that she didn’t giving high pay she usually give this amount to all. Kannamma receives it from her. Hema asks to Kannamma when will she come again here?

Soundarya questions Hema why did she mentioning her as cooking aunty? Who is she resembling? Hema replies as mom. Soundarya asks Hema to mention her as mom hereafter. Soundarya thinks Kannamma is real mother of her. Kannamma says to them she is leaving. Soundarya asks her to come back again. Kannamma replies that she has no reason to do it. Soundarya asks her to cook for Anjali’s baby shower.

Kannamma deny it reasoning its very tough to her travelling this much leaving her baby alone. Soundarya asks Kannamma to bring her baby next time. She will play with Hema here. Soundarya adds that she will be happy if Kannamma and her baby stays in this house forever and taking care of Hema as her mother. Kannamma hears Bharathi and Venba’s sound so she misunderstands again and leaves from there.

Soundarya stops her and give sweets to her. She pleads her to give the sweets to Lakshmi. Kannamma accepts it without option. Sumathi asks Shekhar to meet the politician for his job. He blames her character. Shekhar asks her to stop Lakshmi revealing his truth to Kannamma. Sumathi nods.

Soundarya says to Venu that she is angry on Kannamma for left the house, even after she requested her to stay here. Venu tries to explain her that it’s a good sign so don’t takes it to heart. Soundarya thinks, only Hema can able to unite Kannamma and Bharathi. Lakshmi is doing her homework.

Sumathi comes there with her food. She is talking nice with her and brainwashing her. Sumathi requests to Lakshmi don’t reveal anything to Kannamma. She agrees with her. Kannamma reaches there and thanks Sumathi for taking care of Lakshmi. Kannamma gives the sweets to Sumathi. Kannamma thinks she might give all the rights to Lakshmi.

Episode end.