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The episode starts with Kannamma feeds sweet to Lakshmi. Lakshmi praises the taste of sweets. Lakshmi enquires to Kannamma Is Hema house big? Kannamma replies to her its look like palace. They have 5 cars in their house. Lakshmi asks to her how comes rich people gets money? Kannamma replies they have their own way to get it. Lakshmi asks to her why did she bring sweets here usually she won’t do this?

Kannamma replies to her that Hema’s grandma gave this sweets specially for Lakshmi thinking her as her grand daughter. Lakshmi says to Kannamma she wishes to meet her. Kannamma thinks even Soundarya wishes to meet Lakshmi. Anjali informs to Bhagya about Kannamma’s visit. Anjali narrates everything to Bhagya. She asks Anjali to be careful and ruin Soundarya’s plan orelse all properties will go to Hema’s name.

Anjali nods. Bhagya informs to Shanmugam about Kannamma. Shanmugam is on cloud nine. He about to go out to meet Kannamma Bhagya informs to him that Kannamma already left from there. Shanmugam starts feeling guilty for ruining Kannamma’s life.

Venba is nervous thinking about the report. Shanthi comes there and enquires to Venba where were she yesterday? She informs to Shanthi that she went to Bharathi house to check the report. She didn’t get the report yet. Shanthi says to her it may be stuck in some corner orelse it will be in dustbin. Shanthi asks to her when will she marry Bharathi? Venba replies to her she is also waiting to marry him but Bharathi is not coming in her way.

Shanthi advises her to marry someone whom loving her. Venba scolds her for crossing her limits. Venba says to her she will only marry Bharathi for that she will go any extreme to get him. Kannamma is teaching to Lakshmi how to draw the rangoli. Sumathi comes there and questions them what’s going on? Kannamma informs to her Rangoli competition is coming she going to participate in it. She asks Sumathi to join in it. She deny it.

Bharathi and Hema are playing inside. Mallika is feeding to Hema. Bharathi says to Hema he will play with her if she eat properly. Soundarya comes there. Hema informs to her that cooking mom switch off her phone. Soundarya thinks Kannamma done it intentionally. Bharathi enquires to Soundarya about her. Soundarya praises Kannamma infront of Bharathi but he thinks she is saying about cooking lady. He says to her if she praisinh her someone she may be good person.

Soundarya says she likes Kannamma most in the world so she is also good. Bharathi leaves from there. Tulasi reaches home. Kannamma welcomes her. After fresh up Tulasi explains the training to Kannamma. Kannamma enquires to her about the hospital bill. Tulasi reveals to her that Bharathi paid her bill.

Episode end.