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Today’s episode starts with Kannamma saying to Soundarya that she is ashamed to eat in their money. Just allow her to live in her own. Soundarya questions her did she really thinking her love on her is judge by money?

Kannamma replies to her she never thought like that but her son done it. He insulted her that she was eating and living in Soundarya money always she can’t able to bear his words anymore so leave her. She about to go Bharathi comes there and shouts as Mom. Their attention turns towards him. Bharathi question them what they are doing here why did they pleading to this Kannamma?

Soundarya question him why did he come here? Bharathi gets irritate and question her back so its all preplanned right? Why did she do a naming ceremony to her baby in the same temple where their baby naming ceremony done? Why did she following him always? Soundarya replies to him he has misunderstood nothing like that.

 Soundarya asking to Kannamma stay here don’t go anywhere? Kannamma replies to her she must go. Bharathi says don’t act like innocent she used to complaint to his mom where was she staying and getting money from her like the way she get from Petrol pump and orphanage. Kannamma says to Soundarya did she hear it the way he was insulting him. This is why she don’t wanna stay here.


Venu joins his hand infront of her and says to her forgive them. They won’t disturb her stay here. Bharathi ask to him why did he pleading to her? Venu warns him that one day he will learn all the truth on that he will shed blood tears. Soundarya pleading to Kannamma to go with her to her house till she go she won’t go back.

Bharathi ask to them will they come back to home or not? Soundarya replies to him they won’t come he can go anywhere? Bharathi threaten them he will committ suicide and leaves from there. Kannamma ask Soundarya to leave. Soundarya says to Kannamma that she wanna know about Kannamma well being that’s why she approched her. She swear on Kannamma and her baby and says to her she didn’t even give single penny to Tulasi. She used her own money for her.

Kannamma didn’t eat in her money but in her own savings. So don’t go anywhere stay with Tulasi they won’t disturb her again. Tulasi assures to them that Kannamma won’t go anywhere she will stay with her.


Gomathi saying to Venba that Soundarya came on time that’s why she missed that baby. Venba blames her as useless. She can’t able to kidnap an infant good for nothing fellow. Gomathi ask her to listen the secret she heard from Soundarya and Venu conversation? Venba is not at all ready to listen it but Gomathi pleading to her. Frustrated Venba pushed her but unfortunately one truck hit her she fell down bleeding. Venba hides behind car. Crowds gathered there.


Bharathi sitting in hall. Akhil comes there and question him where did they went? They waited for them in temple long. Seeing his tension he ask to him Is anything went wrong there? He nods as yes and says to him that Kannamma baby naming ceremony function happened in same temple. Mom and dad pleading to her to come back to this house. Soundarya comes there and says to him its common place anyone can come and go how could she stop her?

 Both starts to argue each other he mentioned her in anger as Venu’s wife instead of Mom. Venu lashes out at him for throwing words at his mom in his blindness. He praised Soundarya skills, honesty and maturity. She never take a wrong decision in this matter also she is right and he is wrong by saying this he takes her to his room. Akhil too disappoint with Bharathi behaviour.


Episode end.