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The episode starts with Kannamma asks to Tulasi who paid her bill? Tulasi hesitates to say her answer. Kannamma is giving pressure to her. Tulasi reveals to her Bharathi name. Kannamma gets furious to hear his name. Kannamma questions her how come he paid it? Tulasi narrates to her that Kannamma faint on road none helped her.

Bharathi car came on that way he admitted Kannamma in hospital. When he checked her she had lungs problem. She was fighting with her live so he asked Tulasi to buy an injection which cost 80thousands rs. She can’t able to collect such high amount, so Bharathi gave his credit card to pay the bill. Not only this he paid all the medicine bill too.

Kannamma got angry. Tulasi says to her if he didn’t helped her she may no more. Kannamma replies to her its better to die then getting help from Bharathi. Her life is mess because of him. He is the soul reason lakshmi and Kannamma end up in road. She hates him to the core. Tulasi mentions Kannamma as selfish. Kannamma tries to explain her that Bharathi ruined her life. Tulasi says to Kannamma that she is thinking in very selfish way because she don’t even thinking about Lakshmi and her future. If anything happened to Kannamma what will happen to Lakshmi? Tulasi says she received Bharathi’s help without option by saying this she leaves. Kannamma wishes to pay back his money at any cost.

Kannamma and Lakshmi comes near Kumar’s auto. Kannamma asks Lakshmi to attend the school without fail. Lakshmi pleads with Kannamma to take her along with her. Kannamma deny it reasoning school shouldn’t be skip. Sumathi comes there and appologizes to Kannamma for being late. Kannamma says to Kumar drops Lakshmi in school on the way. Sumathi asks Kannamma to take Lakshmi with them. Lakshmi pleads with her. Kannamma says what’s the need to make her stand in sunlight its better she is going to attend school. Lakshmi complaints that she gives an idea to her but she ignoring her. Lakshmi leaves to school in anger. Kannamma and Sumathi leaves in Kumar’s auto.

Self help group peoples are waiting for Soundarya. Soundarya reaches there on time. They welcomes her and brings her to stage. Anchor starts giving introduction speech about the rangoli competition. She praises Soundarya’s hardwork. She announces the prize amounts in which category. She says that all participants should draw rangoli in their allotted place.

Soundarya thinks if Kannamma particpates in this competition she will be very happy. This amount will definitely helps Kannamma in her life. She won’t accepts her help but atleast this competition can helps her out. Anchor says to Soundarya she shouldn’t see the participants so waits inside the guest room. Soundarya search for Kannamma there.

Kannamma says to Kumar she is getting late. She is participating in it for Lakshmi. It will help for Lakshmi’s education. Kannamma reaches there with Sumathi. Soundarya notices her and feels happy for it. Bharathi and Venba are going in car. Venba intentionally talking random things inorder to avoide Hema’s topic.

Bharathi is talking with her normally but ends up in Hema’s matter. He dials to Soundarya to learns about Hema but Soundarya informs to him about Kannamma. He cuts the call in anger and shares it with Venba. She thinks its risk if Kannamma and Soundarya meets each other. Venba excuses Bharathi and go to temple. Soundarya prays for Kannamma. Kannamma gets the number she starts drawing the rangoli in her allotted place.

Episode end.