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Today episode starts with Bharathi feeling guilty to marry Venba secretly without his parents blessings. He has no option left then marrying Venba orelse they will bring Kannamma into his life and force him to live with her.

So marrying Venba is the only option left in his life. Soundarya ask to him what’s there to think this much? He can able to take care of Hema right? In her absence? He nods as yes but He wanna go out for 2 hours tomorrow after that he will be free. Soundarya says to him its just a matter of 2 hours nothing to worry rest all will take care of her. Bharathi ask to her when will she return?

Venu replies to him that they will return after marriage if its delay then day after tomorrow they will reach here? He ask to him why did he asking about it? He lies to them that they are going out after few days so he will miss them. Anjali feels him lying but running something on his mind. Soundarya admires Hema and bids bye to all.


Bharathi driving car thinking about the hospital incident. The way doctor mentioned Varun as Kannamma’s husband. Nurse call him he attend the call. She informs to him that he forgot to give prescription to the patient which he done the last operation. He apologise to her and says he forget to give medicine prescription he will come there and give it straightly. She says to him that his daughter looking same as him. Is she your daughter?

He ask to her who said like that? She informs to him that his wife Kannamma says to her that Dr. Bharathi is her husband and that baby father. Bharathi gets angry and says to her he will talk after he reach there. Kannamma sitting in hospital. Fruatrated Bharathi reach there and ask to Kannamma in anger how dare she to give his name in register? Kannamma says to him she might say the truth. Bharathi ask to her she gives birth to someone else baby but need his initial for it? Is he a joke to her?

Kannamma replies to him that only Kannamma can able to answer who is her baby father not anyone. Including Bharathi has no rights to say it. Bharathi again blames her as characterless and says to her he has no problem if she roam with Varun or live with him. But don’t dare to give his initial to her baby.

 Kannamma ask to him doesn’t he felt bore while repeating the same lie. He is enough educated right? He suspecting her character everything is fine then why did he hesitating to take DNA test of baby? Then he can get a clear view of it? Bharathi says to her he took enough test. He has no doubt that her baby is not his then why should he take the test?

 Kannamma says to him that suspecting her is ok. But because of his doubt he is lossing the true love of everyone. One day he will loss all and regret his decision. Bharathi didn’t give heed to her words and says to her in threatening way that he gonna take an final decision in his life to get rid of her.


Bharathi reach Venba house but she is nowhere to seen. He notice her uncle laying on bed and blabbering something. He gets shock seeing the drugs and injection near him. He checked the medicine kept near him which is expired already. He is questioning him why is he in this state? Why did he taking such things?

 Venba reach home and wonders where is Bharathi. His car is parked outside. She noticed that Bharathi is in her uncle room. She has no idea what to do or manage him ? Venba rushed near him ans ask Bharathi to leave him. Bharathi question her what’s happening here? Doesn’t she know he is taking drugs? She replies to him that she is the one brought this for him without option? He is giving headache to her by fighting with all. He is even beating all. So without option she is the one injecting him this inorder to stop his violence. Bharathi ask him to send him to dehydration centre to cure him. Seeing his condition he can able to recover soon.

 Venba deny it and lie to him that she tried it before but no use. He makes noise so she injected him again. Bharathi ask her to take care of him and leaves. Venba smiles happily and saying to her uncle that his plans were flopped he can’t able to say truth to Bharathi. Tomorrow he gonna marry her then he will be hers. None can able to stop this then she will enjoy all the moment with him.


Episode end.