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The episode starts with Anchor informs to all that Soundarya going to announce the winner of the contest. Soundarya thank everyone for inviting her to the function. She appreciates everyone hardwork. She informs to all that she has no idea whoever participated in this contest. She has only the number with her. She going to announce the winner now. She announces the third winner as token number 11. One lady rushes towards the stage and get the prize amount 25000. Second prize also distributes by Soundarya.

Now Kannamma and Sumathi are praying silently. Venba waiting to hear the nervous. Soundarya announces as the first prize winner is Token number 14. Sumathi raise Kannamma’s hand. Soundarya happiness having no bounds. Sumathi hugs Kannamma in the happiness. Venba gets frustrate seeing it. She punch on the wall in anger. Kannamma goes to the stage to collect the prize amount. Soundarya is happy to see Kannamma on stage.

Sumathi is clapping for Kannamma standing in crowd. She is talking with a male. Shekhar is behind her and capturing her moments in mobile. Sumathi unawares of it. While Kannamma receiving the prize amount. Venba says something to the team member in whisper. She stops Soundarya giving money to Kannamma reasoning that she may don’t know the rules of contest.

The guest’s family members are not allowed to participate in the competition. If memebers comes to know it they will think as partiality winning. They will blame them. She adds that she knew well Kannamma is Soundarya’s daughter in law. She is living alone for last few years. But its not a matter to the members they will take it as wrong. Sumathi gets surprise to hear it. Venba gets happy to see their state. That staff asks them to announces neither Kannamma is not her daughter in law nor Soundarya not Kannamma’s mother in law. Venba thinks its come as out of syllabus.
Kannamma stands there helplessly.

Soundarya asks them to follow new rules. She is stepping down from the judge position. They can select the winner according to other judges mark. They agrees with her. They checks the marks and announces the winner number is 14. Kannamma gets happy tears. Venba gets frustrate and leaves from there. Soundarya happiness having no bounds she handsover the prize money to Kannamma. She receives it from her.

Kannamma goes down everyone appreciates her. Soundarya is searching for Kannamma while scolding her as stone heart person. Kannamma notices her and goes near Soundarya. She gets happy to see her there. She enquires to Kannamma about Lakshmi. She replies to her that she is in home. Kannamma returns the money to Soundarya. She deny to accept it reasoning its her own money. She got it for her hardwork.

Kannamma forcely gives the money to her. She informs to her that she was sick one week before. Bharathi whom rescued her and paid her bills. Its nearly 1lakh. She don’t want to live in others help. Kannamma asks Soundarya to give the money to him. Soundarya is in dilemma whether to happy for Bharathi concern on Kannamma or sad for Kannamma’s decision. Sumathi enquires to Kannamma about Soundarya. She narrates to her everything and asks her to hide the incident from Lakshmi.

Episode end.