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Today episode starts with school staff checking the mike. Kannamma is preparing for the speech walking here and there. Hema comes there and ask to Kannamma did she prepared for speech? She replies she is preparing. Hema question her what she gonna do there? Kannamma replies its suspense. Hema complaint she is so mean. Kannamma appologize to her. Hema says she informed to her before itself she gonna achor the show but she is hiding it from her. Kannamma reveals to her she gonna say Bharathiyar words. Hema says she likes Bharathiyar a lot because her father name is also same but Kannamma didn’t listen it in mike sound. Staff announced all to gather infront of stage. Kannamma says she didn’t changed her dress yet so she leaves to change.

Kannamma doing her makeup. Bharathi and Soundarya reach to school. Hema hugs her. She informs to her that she gonna do anchoring for this founder function. Bharathi ask to her did she know how to do it? She replies she learnt if by watching TV. She informs to him this function is for teachers and staff. Hema’s principal comes there and welcome them. Soundarya enquire him about Hema studies? He replies she is an bright student. Calm, caring fellow. She used to respect all. Soundarya enquire about cooking lady. He replies she used to bring lunch to staff. Hema spend her more times with her. He forget her name. Staff ask them to come soon function about to start.

Staff starts the function. Soundarya lighten the lamp. Hema doing anchoring. Staff members are performing one by one. Soundarya excuse them to attend the call. Hema announced Cooking aunty to come on stage. She comes there and start reading it but her paper falls down. She notice Bharathi there and gets angry. She starts talk about male chauvnism. She says that whoever suspecting their innocent wifes are not real man but whom respecting their wives equal to mother is. They are selfisly blaming ladies are jobless and good to do household work. They doesn’t know how tough its to do it alone. Everyone clapped for her words. Result announced Kannamma invited on stage. Bharathi gives medal and prize to her. Kannamma leaves angrily and staring the gift. Soundarya reach on stage. Hema complaint that she fail to meet her cooking aunty.

Episode end.