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The episode starts with Bharathi is trying to on his car but its break down. He thinks that he send car to service last week then what happened to it now? He enquires to Kumar Is he done anything to it? He assures to him that he only cleaned his car nothing else. Bharathi gets inside his auto and asks him to take it. Kumar complaints that Kannamma wanna go out. Kannamma reaches there and enquires to Kumar what’s his problems?

Where are they going? Bharathi says that he wanna go to school. Kannamma says she is also going there so let’s go together. Bharathi denies it reasoning he will go in another auto. Kannamma tells him that auto won’t come to this area if he need one he wanna walk till main road. Kannamma pushes him and gets inside the auto without option Bharathi too sits beside her. Kumar excuses Bharathi and Kannamma and leaves from here reasoning he forget to take his purse. Kumar removes the cloth from car pipe. He Informs to Soundarya that he done his work perfectly as she said. Now Bharathi is sitting inside his auto with Kannamma now. Soundarya feels happy and asks him to make sure he is creating situations where both Kannamma and Bharathi are together. Kumar says to him that he is like a brother to Kannamma is he will do anything for Kannamma.

Kumar takes Bharathi and Kannamma in another route. Due to gas route both Kannamma and Bharathi dashing each other. Bharathi complaints that she is intentionally doing it. Kannamma denies it. Bharathi complaints to her that she is planned this with her driver to torture him like this.

Lakshmi and Hema are discussing about the subject. Hema says to her that she is missing her dad a lot. He went without informing to her if she know if before she would not send him there. She is happy because Lakshmi is with her. Lakshmi says she is missing her mom now. Both are chit chatting each other. Mayandi eating Chips there Shanthi complaints that he is always eating. She brings one priest there and asks him to check Bharathi and Venba’s horoscope. Priest says to Shanthi that Venba is a real devil.

She is determined person and stood adamant to get what she want? But she wanna wait for her one goal so many years it’s saying her horoscope. Mayandi asks him to say about Bharathi? He says to her that Bharathi is a innocent one and he used to believe others easily. But when he comes to know someone betrayed him then he will show hell to her.

Priest says to Shanthi says that Bharathi’s horoscope saying he was already married. He may faced lots of storm in his life though he will stand steady in his life. According to him his wife nuptial chain will save him from all hurdles. Mayandi asks Shanthi to send him from there. Meanwhile Kumar takes Bharathi and Kannamma inside the school in his auto. Bharathi complaints that he took him inside if Lakshmi and Hema see them together then problem will be bigger. Kannamma says to him let’s manage the situation. Both gets out from auto. Hema and Lakshmi sees them together and gets happy. Both discusses that they looks good together it will be good if both are their parents.

Hema agrees to do it. Hema and Lakshmi hugs them. Hema enquires to Bharathi why did he left her. Bharathi shares to her that he misses her a lot. Hema informs to her that Lakshmi is staying with her till he come back. Bharathi makes sure Lakshmi is comfortable in staying in his home. Hema demands Bharathi to say thanks to Kannamma. He thank her and Kannamma says it’s ok. Lakshmi asks to her why did she came with Bharthi today? She manages the situation. Kannamma feeds food to both kids.

Episode end.