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The episode starts with Soundarya thinking about the incident. She reminds Kannamma’s word how did she faint on road and Bharathi came there. He helped her to admit in hospital more then he paid all her bills. Kannamma gave her prize money to Soundarya.

These thoughts are giving hard time to Soundarya whether to be happy or sad. Bharathi reaches there. Soundarya stops him and starts a conversation with him. Soundarya questions to Bharathi Is he helped Kannamma when did she fainted on road? Bharathi thinks how come Soundarya knew it? Soundarya again asks to him but he didn’t replies to her. Soundarya informs to him that Kannamma participated in the Rangoli competition. She said everything to her that Bharathi saved her. Bharathi says to her don’t takes him wrong he didn’t help her in concern but he will do like this whoever in that place? Soundarya smiles and says to him that he still has feelings on her but she is trying hard to hide it. Bharathi deny it.

Bharathi says to Soundarya that Kannamma trying to use this sympathy to come back here. Soundarya replies to him don’t pretends like he don’t care about her. Bharathi says to her don’t over imagine he will never get back with her. He will never allow this to happen. Soundarya challenges him that she will make it possible.

Soundarya gives the check to Bharathi. She informs to him that Kannamma won the contest. She asks her to give this checks to Bharathi for his help. Bharathi hesitates to take it. Soundarya adds that she specially mentioned she don’t want live in others money. Bharathi takes that money and leaves from there. Kannamma is thinking about the incidents. She feels happy to get the prize from Soundarya but she don’t need it.

Kannamma thinks that money will definitely useful to her but she don’t wants to live in Bharathi’s money. When she lived in her own money he used to complain that she took Soundarya’s help. He will use this to mock her. Kannamma feels sad how to hide this from Lakshmi? Lakshmi comes there Kannamma lies to her that she didn’t win the contest. Lakshmi asks to her Is everyone rangoli better then her? She nods.

Lakshmi talks with her in encouraging way. She appreciates her work and hugs her by saying she is best for her always. Kannamma feels happy for her. Lakshmi says to her she can participates in another one. Sumathi is arranging the bed. Shekhar comes there and asks her to look at his face carefully.

Shekhar asks Sumathi to say how is he looking? She replies to him as handsome. He questions her then why did he going behind another man? He starts to behave weird. He shows the video to Sumathi and badmouths at her. Soundarya informs to Venu about the task. Kannamma won the contest and gave the prize money to Bharathi. She narrates to him how did Bharathi helped Kannamma and still not accepting he done good job. Soundarya shares to him about the challenge too.

Episode end.