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The episode starts with Akhil, Anjali, Hema are eating breakfast. Bharathi too joins with them and teasing Mallika. Bharathi questions Akhil where is Soundarya? Venu replies that she is in upstairs. She refuses to take food. Bharathi leaves to bring Soundarya. Hema questions him why did Soundarya fighting with Bharathi often? Bharathi calls Soundarya to eat. Soundarya starts blaming Bharathi that he turns to be a stone heart. Bharathi says to her that he is still having same opinion on Kannamma so stop talking about her. Bharathi compells Soundarya to eat.

Soundarya questions him did he ever think about Kannamma’s suffering? Its better to allow her die instead of killing her daily. Bharathi replies to her that he won’t allow her to bring her back to the house. Soundarya says that he has no rights to say it because its Kannamma’s house. Bharathi asks her to don’t trust Kannamma she is cheating all. Soundarya replies to him that Bharathi is living in an fake world. He will regrets one day for this. Bharathi says to her that he is angry on her. Hema comes there so Soundarya alerts him. Hema convinces Soundarya and takes her from there.

Bhagya scolds Shanmugam for disturbing her. Shanmugam is busy in hanging the album. Bhagya questions him why did he hanging it on wall even after this much happened? Shanmugam stands there silent. Bhagya starts badmouths on Kannamma and Bharathi. Shanmugam scolds her that its his wish he will hang it on wall. Bhagya insults him that Kannamma is not thinking him as a father then why did he concern for her.

Bhagya challenges him to find out Kannamma first? He challenges her back. He wishes to make them together. Bharathi asks to Venba what should he do? He tries to leave the city but she stopped him. Venba asks him to say it clearly. Bharathi informs to Venba that Soundarya is torturing him with Kannamma name. Venba tries to console him. Bharathi says to Venba that Soundarya gave the money to him for treating Kannamma. How dare Kannamma to return the money to him.

Bharathi complaints that he showed pity on Kannamma but she insulted him. Venba scolds him for treating her first. Bharathi replies that he learnt to treat the patients that why he helped her. Venba tries to manipulate him. Hema calls to Bharathi and asks him to come fast. She wants to do a project. He agrees and leave from there. Venba gets frustrate seeing this. She thinks if it continuous then Bharathi starts think her as his own child. He may take test too. She wishes to cut this soon. Soundarya is doing hair to Hema.

Anjali and Akhil comes there. Anjali asks Akhil to talk with Soundarya and take permission from her to meet her mom. Akhil talks with her and get permission. Hema wishes to go with them Soundarya gives permission. Soundarya asks Anjali to be careful near Hema don’t ever reveal to her that Kannamma and Bharathi are husband and wife. It will create many problem. She nods.

Shanmugam stares Kannamma’s picture. Akhil and Anjali reaches to Bhagya’s house. She welcomes them happily. She expresses her happiness to them. She gets disappoint seeing Hema there. Bhagya is taking list from Hema what would she like to eat. Hema replies to her that she only eat home made food. Akhil enquires to Bhagya about Shanmugam. Hema and Akhil leaves to meet Shanmugam.

Episode end.