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The episode starts with Bharathi reaches to Venba house and knocks the door. He reminds Shanthi words. Bharathi about to leave thinking about it. Shanthi stops him and question him why is he leaving? Bharathi inform to her that he is here to enquire about Venba but he remind about his words that’s why he is leaving. Shanthi says to him that she didn’t said those words to hurt him. She informs to him that Venba didn’t returned to home yet. 

Bharathi says to her let’s complain to police then. Shanthi thinks that Venba has criminal background so its risk to go near police. She deny it and asks him to enquire personally. Shanthi says to Bharathi that Kannamma and Venba has personal problems with each other. Kannamma slapped her many times. She informs to him that Kannamma slapped her one time when she prayed for them. Bharathi says that she didn’t informed to him about it yet. 

Shanthi says may she kidnapped her. Bharathi thinks that may Kannamma kidnapped her in the anger. He mentioned Venba as his wife may that’s the reason. Bharathi leaves from there in anger.  

Kannamma is thinking about Lakshmi words. Kannamma thinks that lakshmi is going close to Bharathi. She never mentioned anyone as Father yet. But she feels connected with him. Its the blood relation. Even Bharathi is close to her. Bharathi reaches there. 

Kannamma questions him why is he here? Bharathi says to her that she know how to give respect to her. He questions her where is Venba? She questions which Venba? He says to her his wife Venba. Kannamma questions him why is he searching his wife here? Bharathi says to her that Kannamma has problems with her. He questions her where is Venba? She informs to him that she prepared pickle with her. If he need his wife then complain to police station , search her by himself or else turns to mad in her thoughts. What’s the need to come here?  

Bharathi says that she has problems with her so he is doubting her. She says that she has no link between her. Bharathi says that Venba has only problems with her. He says that Kannamma may kidnapped her. Kannamma asks that she don’t know to kidnap anyone but it’s all Venba character to kill someone, kidnapping someone. 

Bharathi complaints that Kannamma kidnapped Venba in the anger that he married to her. Kannamma teases him that he is thinking about it. She says to him that she has no feelings on him then why should she worry about it. Kannamma says that he may doubts her that’s why she left. It’s his usual behavior. Kannamma asks that she is a shameless person to leave like that. Bharathi questions her if she doesn’t care about him then why did she came to stop his marriage 8 years before!  

Kannamma says to him that she came for her daughter. He can’t able to understand this. Bharathi says that he is going to complaint to police. Kannamma asks him to give the complaint. If they proves that she kidnapped her then she will accept the punishment. If he can’t able to do it then he might take DNA test. He breaks the glass in anger. 

Kannamma about to touch his bleeding hand. He stops her by saying its sin to touch her. Kannamma says to him that she tries to touch him in humanity. Kannamma asks him to leave from there. Shanthi is provoking Bharathi against Kannamma. He consoles Shanthi. Bharathi says to her that if Venba is here then he would have married her now. He leaves from there.  

Shanthi thinks that Venba went missing in this time. Akhil shares to Soundarya that she ate Chicken dosa. Everyone notices Bharathi is hiding his hand in pocket. All are giving pressure to him to show his hand. He shows his hand to them. They gets worry for him. 

Episode ends.