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The episode starts with Akhil and Hema greets Bhagya and goes to meet Shanmugam. Anjali about to go but Bhagya stops her. Bhagya questions Anjali why did she take Hema here? She replies to her that Soundarya forced her to take her along with them. Bhagya alerts Anjali that Hema is villain in her life. Anjali asks Bhagya to don’t talk about Kannamma till she leave.

Shanmugam is staring Bharathi and Kannamma picture and hangs it on wall. Akhil and Hema meets Shanmugam and greets him. They are talking with each other casually. Hema is admiring the small things. Anjali comes there and joins with them. Akhil questions Shanmugam about his health. Anjali notices the photo on wall. She sends Akhil and Hema from there and removes the photo. She thinks if Hema notice it then Soundarya will burns her alive. Photo slips down from Soundarya’s hand. Its broken. Shanmugam comes there and questions Anjali what happened? She replies to him slipped from her hand. Hema and Akhil comes there. Anjali hides the photo from Hema’s sight.

Anjali scolds Shanmugam for hanging Kannamma photo in the wall. Shanmugam questions her what’s wrong in it? Anjali clears to him that Hema is orphan, she is calling Bharathi as dad. If she see his photo with Kannamma then she will think Kannamma is her mother. Then she will create mess to bring her back.

Shanmugam stares the photo emotionally. Soundarya is lost in her thoughts. Venu comes there and enquires Soundarya where is Hema. She informs to him that she went with Anjali to her house. He fears that Bhagya will blabber anything to Hema. Soundarya assures to him it won’t happen. Venu questions Soundarya what will happen if Hema comes to know the truth? Soundarya replies that Hema will create big scene here to bring Kannamma back to home. Venu says they want that so its better to reveal the truth to Hema. Soubdarya asks him to think about Bharathi?

According to him Hema is Orphan. He is loving her unaware of his blood relation with her. If he comes to know the truth then it will be a shock to him. Soundarya asks him to think about Kannamma point of view also. Perhaps she will blame Soundarya and scolds her for seperating her daughter from her. Venu agrees with her. Soundarya says to him that Hema bring Kannamma here unaware of her relationship with her its blood relation. She wish Lakshmi also will get close to Bharathi in same way.

Venu accepts her idea. Bharathi, Akhil, and Venu are waiting for Soundarya. Bharathi complaints that ladies are taking so much time to get ready. Akhil replies that ladies needs extra time to do their make up. Mens are teasing the ladies. Soundarya and Anjali comes there with Hema. Bharathi praises Hema’s look. Akhil keeps mocking Anjali. Venu joins with him to tease Soundarya. They leaves to attend Hema’s school Annual day function.

Lakshmi is sitting silently. Kannamma comes there after fresh up. Lakshmi pleads to Kannamma to take her along with her. Kannamma deny it reasoning she will give head ache to her in school. Lakshmi deny it. She complaints that Kannamma is sick so she is not asking her to take her out. Now she got well so take her out. Kannamma is teasing her.

Lakshmi asks Kannamma to meet Bharathi on the way. Hearing his name Kannamma got angry and deny it. Lakshmi advises to her that she shouldn’t forget his help. Kannamma asks Lakshmi to thank him while sitting in home she is leaving. Lakshmi appologizes to her and pleads her to take Lakshmi with her. Kannamma sends Lakshmi to give the parcel to Rakesh’s house. Sumathi comes there. Kannamma notices the bruises on her hand. Kannamma inquiries her but Sumathi lies to her as nothing. Kannamma finds it odd and asks her to share it with her when she is comfortable. Lakshmi reaches back. They leaves to the school.

Episode end.