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The episode starts with Hema sitting upset. Anjali offers juice to Hema but she refuses to drink it. Anjali questions her why she is angry. Hema refuses to explain her first, then she tells that everyone denied to gift her a play station or cell phone. Anjali understands the situation and tries to convince Hema but Hema ends up getting upset with Anjali too.

Anjali requests Hema to drink the juice again but Hema is admant not to drink it. When soundarya appears, Hema angrily walks out without uttering a word. Soundarya feels bad for Hema and decides to buy crayons and colour book for her. Soundarya tries to call Bharathi but his phone is non reachable, she asks Akilan to buy gift for Hema. Soundarya then askes Anjali about the status of her regular check up.

Kannamma and Lakshmi finally reaches home. Tulsi and Sumathi ask Kannamma about the day with Lakshmi. Kannamma tells that they went to the temple. Lakshmi wished to perform puja for God’s idol. She talked to the priest and he also agreed. Lakshmi happily performed puja to God. Then Lakshmi saw a vintage car and wanted to go for a drive. She convinced the owner of the car and they went for a drive.

At last they went to the collector’s office and the collector agreed to have a talk with Lakshmi. Kannamma further says that Lakshmi didn’t ask for anything costly understanding her financial status. Kannamma feels so proud of Lakshmi’s matured behavior and her understanding about the family’s situation.

Meanwhile Hema is still angry and refuses to speak with others. Everyone laughs at Hema and she questions why they are laughing at her? Akhilan appears with a bag and offers that to Hema. Hema gets excited on seeing the colour books and water crayons. Everyone goes to have dinner. Soundarya asks Akhilan about Bharathi and tells that she’s worried about his absence. In the late night Bharathi comes back home.

He goes into the room where Hema is sleeping . He happily looks at her and conveys his birthday wishes without waking her up. Suddenly he remembers Venba and tries to call her, but he can’t reach her. Bharathi decides to wait for 2 more days before registering Venba’s missing complaint.

Venba decides to escape from durga. she manages to untie the rope. Durga appears there. On seeing Durga, Venba pretends to be tied. Durga asks Venba to have dry fish and tortures her. Just then he gets a phone call and goes apart to attend it. Venba uses this opportunity. She takes a rod and beats Durga with it. She ties Durga up with the same rope. She tells that she wishes to kill him, but unfortunately she doesn’t have time now. She leaves from there.

The episode ends.