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The episode starts with Akhil is standing near pool Anjali comes there. He enquires her why is she looking dull? Anjali informs to him that Venba is getting into her nerves. Akhil says that Venba is doing too much he wanna question her why is she doing like this and kicks her out of this place. He don’t need her services anymore. Anjali stops him and says this problem is different here she didn’t said anything to her but Venu. Venba is torturing him while questioning why didn’t he arranged second marriage to Bharathi? Venu stands there helplessly without answer. Akhil questions her whom gave rights to Venba to questions his father in this way? Anjali questions him who is Venba to poke her head in their family matters? Akhil complaints that Venba tried to marry Bharathi but that attempt failed so she is trying in this way to get close to him. Akhil mentions Venba as a fraud. Anjali asks him to talk with Soundarya about it. If Bharathi didn’t space to Venba she shouldn’t talked like this today. Akhil tells her that Bharathi is living in another world that’s why he can’t able to understand what’s right or wrong?

Parvathy and Archana are sitting in garden. Parvathy shares to Archana that she has one married friend in college. She married 4 years before still she has no babies. She don’t wanna be pregnant now but her husband is torturing her. So she asks her to help her suggesting pregnancy avoiding medicine to her. Archana gets shock to hear it. Parvathy says she is unmarried so how will she help her that’s why she is asking Archana to help her. Archana thinks why is Parvathy bringing this topic now? Parvathy says in sarcasm that Archana has no idea about it but Sandhya may know it because she took medicine to avoid pregnancy right? Archana nods and about to leave from there. Parvathy stops her and confronts her about the incident. She says to her clearly that she found out Archana took the medicine to skip pregnancy and blamed Sandhya for it. She done it all without Senthil knowledge too. What if she reveals the truth to Sivagami? Already she forgave her for gudwon matter but not anymore.

Archana pleads her to don’t reveal this to Sivagami. Patvathy demand her to give 5000rs to hide the truth. Archana gives the amount and asks her to hide it. Parvathy nods and leaves from there. Archana gets irritate to learn that Venba revealed the truth to Parvathy. Saravana is sitting near pool. Parvathy teases him with Sandhya name. Ravi comes there and lashes out at her for teasing Saravana with Sandhya name. Parvathy leaves from there angrily. Saravana questions her why did he scold her? Ravi complaints that she is not respecting Sandhya at all and never cared about relationships too. She is giving importance to her mobile only. Saravana sends him from there reminding about food. Saravana calls to Sandhya and narrates everything to her. Sandhya tears him for blushing.

Venu stops Akhil and shares to him whatever Venba said to him. He shares his guilt with him and informs to him that he decides to do second marriage to Bharathi. Akhil asks him about Kannamma’s state. Venu says to him Bharathi is not gonna change so he decided to perform his marriage with Venba. Akhil gets angry and shouts that he won’t allow this to happen. He wakes up from his dream and comments its a nightmare. Ravi teaches Saravana how to do meditation. Saravana tries to do meditation but ended up thinking about Sandhya. Sandhya is also thinking about Saravana. Venu sitting alone. Venba notices him and thinks he is weak contestant in Bharathi family, so she wishes to manipulates him. Venba starts a conversation with Venu about Soundarya. Venba enquires him Is he think about what did she asked to him yesterday? Venu informs to him he was thinking about it only. Anjali and Akhil notices Venba there and comes near her.

Akhil comments that Venba taking care on Bharathi more then his parents. Venba complaints that he is always misunderstanding her and creates a bad image of her. She says to him that she doesn’t care about it all but she is concerned for Bharathi. Aa a friend she can’t able to see Bharathi leading a lonely life he needs a partner. Akhil says in sarcasm Venba blaming that she worry for Bharathi more then his parents. Doesn’t his parents know to correct his life? He blames Venba as a selfish and supporting Bharathi in his wrong deeds. If she is a good friend of him then she would have advised him to stop suspecting Kannamma and ask him to live with her. She wouldn’t have went to marry him secretly. If she is a good friend of him then Akhil asks Venba to convince Bharathi to take another one DNA test and prove Kannamma’s innocence then he will agree she is a good friend. Soundarya claps after hearing it. She praises Akhil for giving a fitting reply to Venba. Soundarya says that Akhil that she got confidence that he is capable to run a family. She agrees with all his points and says to Venba clearly that she can’t able to imagine a girl in Kannamma’s place. Bharathi is her son that’s doesn’t mean she will support his wrong deeds.

Venu consoles Soundarya and takes her from there. Venba gets irritate when she reminds of Soundarya compares Kannamma with jewels and Venba with waste. Shanthi enquires her what happened? Venba narrates everything to her and agree with her that Akhil is villain in her life. She wanna give trouble to him for crossing her path. Shanthi alerts her Akhil is unlike others he will give back for everything. Soundarya advises Anjali to behave like this always and compares her with Kannamma. Venu comes there and praises Anjali’s changes. Anjali alerts them that lock down over let’s leave from here. They leaves to pack their back.

Archana thinking how to face Sivagami in house. Parvathy threatens her that she wanna offer money to her after reached home to hide her secret or else she will reveal the truth to Sivagami. Archana shouts Senthil comes there and consoles her. She beg him to support her when they reaches back to home. Saravana’s family and Bharathi’s family bids bye with each other and leaves from there.

Episode end.