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The episode starts with Sandhya is staring Saravana funny pictures and laughing. She sends the picture to Saravana to tease him. Saravana smiles seeing it and send a voice message to her. Why is she playing like kids? Is she feeling bored there? Saravana calls to her, Sandhya says to him that she send voice message to him thinking he may be busy there.

Saravana questions her how will he busy here in this resort? He can’t able to move anywhere from this place. Sandhya informs to him that she is feeling bored here reasoning he is not in home and not visiting sweet stall also. Saravana says that he don’t have much items in sweet stall so he don’t face loss. Sandhya questions him why did he always thinking about business? Saravana informs to her he is used to be.

.Sandhya and Saravana are talking about the funny picture of Saravana. Sandhya questions Saravana when will he come to meet her? Saravana informs to her that he has no idea when will this lock down end. He don’t like this silence here. Sandhya asks Saravana to video call to her. Saravana questions her Is she asking him to call her to see this place? She nods. He calls to her, Sandhya complaints that his skin tone turns to black in one day. Saravana questions her when did she see him as fair? Saravana shows the place to Sandhya. Saravana and Sandhya talks with each other.

Parvathy is plucking the flowers. Venba and Shanthi comes there. Venba closes her eyes from behind Shanthi holds her hand. Venba pretends like black mailing her with Sandhya name. Parvathy bites her hand Venba complaints that she bitten her for making fun with her. Venba questions Parvathy where is her Sandhya?

She informs to her she didn’t come only second brother and his wife came here. Venba questions her Is she like this sister in law at least? Parvathy says she don’t like anyone because they changed her brothers after they got married to them. Parvathy questions Venba what about her enemy Kannamma didn’t she come here? She nods. Parvathy questions Venba who is she?

Shanthi introduces herself to her and adds she is everything to Venba. She used to cook for her, talk with her and gives idea to her. Parvathy complaints that her enemy Sandhya didn’t come and her enemy Kannamma didn’t come then how will they torture them? Venba teases her that pandemic situation going on here but she is worried about her enemy. Ravi is sitting there Venu comes there and talks with him. Ravi says that he is feeling bored here. Venu adds that he used to run always without getting rest but now god give a opportunity to take rest always.

Ravi says that taking rest inbetween work have pleasure but taking rest without job is hell. Both are talking with each other. Venu brings everyone there to play a fun game. Akhil apologies to Senthil for fighting with him. Senthil forgive him. Venu says to all that Ravi is feeling bored here so let’s play a game here. Archana says that she too thought about it let’s play something. Venu asks them to decide a game.

Parvathy suggests ice play game. Ravi deny it reasoning he can’t able to run in this age. Shanthi asks Venba to suggests something. Akhil announce let’s play truth or dare. He explains the rules and regulations to all. Ravi comments it seems dangerous game how will he answer to the tough questions? Venu teases him. Shanthi questions Venba will she answer honestly? Venba says if she reveals all the crime of her then everyone will get heart attack here. Akhil rotates the bottle its points Saravana. Akhil questions him truth or dare? He chooses dare. Parvathy asks him to dance Venba asks him to joke. Anjali deny it and asks him to say how much he missing Sandhya here?

Saravana pretends like calling Sandhya and says to her how much he missing her. He shares his emotions to her Ravi recorded it in his mobile. He praises Sandhya and opens up with her happily and adds how much he changed after he married to Sandhya and how much he is happy after she entered into his life. Ravi feels happy to hear it. Anjali demands him to propose Sandhya! Saravana deny it. He hesitates to propose her. Akhil praises her. Akhil rotates the bottle it points Archana.

Archana choose dare. Parvathy asks Archana to dance in front of all. She questions her how will she dance alone? Parvathy asks Senthil to join with her. Both Archana and Senthil dances together. All are enjoying their dance. Bottle points at Venba. Akhil and Anjali gets disappointed to see her. Venba chooses truth. Parvathy questions her who is her favorite person in this world and why did she like that person?

Venba says she like Bharathi. Venu family gets irritate to hear it. Venba shares to all that she studied with Bharathi from school to college. He is her closest friend she likes him a lot. She shares her college days with them and adds that everyone suspected that they are lovers. Some misunderstood their friendship will be over after his marriage. Venba adds that only she know Bharathi’s taste. She wishes to keep his friendship life long. Anjali says to Akhil that she has no shame at all. Akhil rolled the bottle it points to Anjali. She choose the dare.

Saravana asks her to say which she didn’t tell Akhil yet? She thinks for a while. Anjali informs to all that Akhil followed her everywhere and proposed her. But she didn’t said I love you to him yet. Anjali apologies to Akhil for her wring doings and lived with hatreness. She praises him and thank him for loving her and accepting her as his wife. She says I love you to him infront of all. Venu feels happy for them.

Akhil comments that he never expected this from Anjali. He talks emotionally with her and mentions I love you to him. Venu says to all that he is feeling happy to spend time with all. He is missing his wife Soundarya here. Ravi says he is missing his wife Sivagami too. Ravi calls to Sandhya and informs to him that they played there. Ravi says to her that he send video to her number. He asks her to check it. Sandhya opens it and sees Saravanan talking about Sandhya in that video. Sandhya feels happy to see it. Sandhya thinks why didn’t he proposed her? May be he is treating her like friend.

Episode end.