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The episode starts with Akhil and Anjali are talking with each other in beach side. Anjali informs to Akhil that she confessed her love to him this time is very pure. She felt the real love on him in recent days. Akhil replies to her I Love you in normal way. Anjali mentions him as waste reasoning he is not romantic at all. Akhil caresses her cheek and kneel down in front of her and hugs her belly then propose to her. Anjali gives a peck on his forehead. Anjali asks him to be like this.

Akhil informs to her he won’t change and asks her to be like this. She adds if Bharathi accepts Kannamma then their family will be fulfilled. Akhila asks her to leave that topic. He will be change after he cuts his friendship with Venba. If she shouldn’t stopped him then she would have Bharathi wife now. Anjali shares that Venba is venom. They think it’s better Bharathi didn’t come here. Anjali thinks because of her Venba came here. Akhil calls Bharathi and says to him that he has problems with Venba. Bharathi questions him Is she create any problems there?

Akhil says to him that Venba only know to create problem. Bharathi inform to him that Anjali asked him to give doctor so he asked Venba to help her. Only Venba agreed to come there for his word then how could he blame her in this way? Bharathi asks him to stop hating her without reason. If he gives a valuable reason then he will scold her for it. Akhil shares the truth or dare game incident to Bharathi. He hates to hear the way she mentioned him as most favorite person meant lover or Husband.

Bharathi inform to him he likes Venba the most in this world because she is his best friend. Bharathi inform to him that he asked Venba to stay there because of Anjali’s safety. She gonna give birth to a baby which gonna be a blood line relation. He won’t give up Hema but Anjali baby will be their blood. Bharathi supports Venba and cuts the call. Senthil and Archana are discussing about their dance. Senthil asks Archana to share one secret with him? Archana thinks that she gave complaint on Sivagami using her sister but she put the blame on Sandhya.

How will she start it with him. Senthil questions her Is she hiding anything? Archana says that she is not hiding anything. Senthil questions her Is her pain alright? She nods to him. Anthill asks her to be spends romance night with him in night. Archana thinks how will she manage him in night. Archana reminds Venba as a doctor. She wishes to seek help to Venba.

Sandhya is watching the Saravana’s confessing video. He calls to Sandhya on correct time. Sandhya enquires to Saravana what are they doing there? Saravana informs to her that everyone played a game and got tired. Sandhya mentions that name was Truth or dare. Saravana asks her why don’t she questions him how did he played? Sandhya informs to him that she knew it because Ravi sensed video to her.

Saravana says that he has no idea that he send that to her. Saravana questions her why didn’t she said anything after see it. Is he said anything wrong? She deny it. Saravana informs to her that he said all words from his heart. Sandhya thinks that he don’t love her at all. Saravana says to her his words are not coming when he is talking with her. Sandhya asks him to write a letter and reads it to her next time. Saravana starts sing happily.

Venba is drinking juice. Shanthi question her why is everything going bore here? She asks Venba to don’t leave that Akhil? Venba says that she ruined his brother life so he will he definitely angry on her. Venba informs to her that she already planned something for Akhil. She asks Shanthi to buy the prescribed medicine from medical shop. Shanthi praises Venba for mentioned Bharathi name in front of all as the most loved person.

Shanthi says that she is a nightmare of them. Venba says that she will kick everyone out of the house after marriage. Archana comes to to meet Venba. She introduces her in front of Venba. Archana praises her beauty and dressing sense. Venba says that she is prasing her too much. What’s she expecting from her. Archana informs to Venba that she don’t have baby yet. She don’t need baby now but she forgot to bring the medicine here reasoning her husband is coming close to her always. Venba says to her they are unmarried how should she expect her to keep that medicine in her hand always. Venba assures to her that she will help her. Parvathy notices her and comes there. Archana diverts her send her from there. Venba asks Shanthi to buy the medicine.

Venu calls to Soundarya and informs to her that Venba came to the resort. Soundarya questions him why did she came there? Venu narrates the incident to her. Soundarya thinks that why did Bharathi send her here. Venu again stares the truth or dare game incident to her. Soundarya asks him to ignore her and take care of Anjali reasoning she is pregnant now. Saravana thinks how to write a letter. Nothing is popping up in his head at all. He starts write the letter and throws it down. Akhil comes there to talk with him. Saravana informs to him that he is writing letter for his wife. Akhil praises him for writing letter for her.

Saravana shared to him that his words are not coming when his wife is not near her. Akhil asks him to write what’s on his mind. Akhil is encouraging him and asks him to think about his wife and writes about her. Saravana reminds his first meeting with her. Saravana writes a poetry and reads it to Akhil. He praises it and asks him to continue it. Saravana finishes writing it. Akhil informs to him that he wrote it for his wife so he shouldn’t read it. Saravana says to him that he don’t know to write and read well so Sandhya will laugh at h if she finds a mistake. Akhil asks him to gift it to her like this then only she understands him well.

Venba talks with Bharathi in phone. She assures to him that she will take care of Anjali. She thinks that she will make sure Anjali suffering. Shanthi comes there and gives the medicine to her. Venba shares to Shanthi that she wanna use Archana for her plan.

Episode end.