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The episode starts with Parvathy informs to Archana that she uploaded Archana and Senthil dance on social media but it got huge views and likes. Akhil questions her how much likes for Saravana’s confession? Parvathy shares to them that many praised him. Akhil says that many liked Saravana. Anjali questions Ravi and Venu why did they sit silently without participating. Ravi says that they are aged people so they can’t able to play with them. Anjali tells them that it’s not a excuse game is equal to everyone. Senthil asks Venu to sing a song. Ravi sings there all teases him. Ravi asks Venu to sing next. He informs to them that he don’t know to sing well so don’t tease him. Venu sings after Ravi everyone claps for him. Everyone enjoying there happily. Venu calls to Soundarya and enquires her what’s she doing?

Soundarya sigh thinking about the hospital life and informs to him and tells her she wishes to leave this place. Venu says to her that he misses her a lot. Venu asks her to take permission and come here to enjoy with him. Venu shares his grief with Soundarya. She advises him to take medicine on time. Venu opens up with Soundarya about his love on her. Soundarya teases him while mentioning about his age.

Venba is taking selfie. Shanthi brings tea to her and complaints that she is feeling bored here. She would have worked in home but here nothing is there to do. Venba says that she is working hard here for her future. She is here to remove everything which is stopping her to unite with Bharathi. Doesn’t Shanthi advises to her If Anajali gives birth to baby then Bharathi will lost interest in second marriage. So she is gonna abort Anjali’s baby. Venba asks Shanthi to give white tablet to Anjali there is Vitamin tablets also there so don’t mix it.

Shanthi lose her balance and falls down and mix up the tablets. She has no idea which tablet should give to Archana or Anjali. She thinks let’s see what’s happening. Anjali and Akhil are discussing about Soundarya. Shanthi comes there and give medicine to Anjali. She about to take the medicine but Akhil stops her. Akhil advises her to don’t take the medicine which suggested by Venba reasoning she is a venom. He says to her if she need medicine he will search everywhere and buy it for her but don’t ever ask medicine to Venba. Akhil throws the medicine down.

Saravana reads the poetry and here disappointed with the lyrics. He thinks how will he read it to Sandhya he wrote it with so many spelling mistakes. He wishes to call her after 5 minutes. He takes practice how to tell read the poetry. Archana tries to take medicine but Senthil enters inside the room. She gets up nervously. He gifts her some flowers and explains to her how did he pluck it. He is praising her but Archana stays silent.

Archana asks Senthil to go and take bath first. Archana thinks why is this medicine looks different? May be its new company. She thinks if Senthil find out she is taking medicine to avoid pregnancy then he will inform it to Sivagami. Senthil comes out in towel and dances there but he slips down and break his hip. Saravana calls Sandhya and questions her Is she take food? She questions him how did he find out she ate? He says he just guessed. Saravana wishes to read the letter. Sandhya asks him Is he write a letter for her? He nods.

Sandhya asks him to read it. Saravana starts read it what’s in his heart. Sandhya feels happy to hear it. At last Saravana mentions her as friend but Sandhya gets disappointed to hear it. Sandhya praises him for writing well. Saravana asks Sandhya to write a letter like this for him too. Sandhya nods with him. Saravana disconnects the call.

Shanthi comes to room. Venba questions her Is she give the tablet to Anjali? She didn’t get any doubt at all. Shanthi narrates to her what happened? Venba lashes out at Shanthi for giving tablet to Anjali when Akhil is near her. Parvathy comes to meet Venba. She questions her why did Archana meet her and talk with her? Venba lies to her as nothing. Parvathy says that she is lying to her.

Parvathy caught Shanthi red handed. Venba informs to her that she met her to avoid her pregnancy. Parvathy gets shock to hear it. She reveals to her that Archana used to take medicine to avoid pregnancy. Archana got married before 4 years she didn’t give birth to baby yet now only she understanding she took medicine to avoid pregnancy. Shanthi gives tablets to her but Venba gets stomach pain after tlakes it. Venba scolds Shanthi for giving wrong tablets to her. Sandhya trying to write a letter for Saravana. Venba gets irritate after learning Shanthi spoiled everything.

Venba scolds Shanthi for ruining everything. Shanthi manages her and asks her to drink the coffee. She assures to her that she only changed Archana tablets not Anjali.They doubts why did Anjali get any pain. Venba asks Shanthi to don’t blabber anything. Venba reveals to Archana that Shanthi exchanged the medicine. Archana thinks that Senthil is not well so nothing to worry in it. Archana leaved from there. Venba thinks that there is no gain in it to reveal Parvathy matter to Archana.

Episode end.