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The episode starts with Venba notices Anjali sitting alone. She sits beside her and start a conversation with her. Venba enquires her about the truth of dare game and ask about the tablet? Anjali thinks that Venba will take her wrong if she say the truth so she lied to her as she took the tablet night. Venba thinks she is lying to her if she would have take it then she suffered in stomach pain.

Venba says she changed a lot now. Anjali tells her may she got the weight. Venba tells her she is lying to her she didn’t take the tablet because she knew well Anjali will be tired if she take it? Anjali thinks how comes she find it out? Venba tells to Anjali definitely Akhil stops her from taking the tablet reasoning he hates Venba. Venba adds that she know well how much she hated Kannamma and planned to kick her out how did she changed in one day? Anjali tells her she is changed now. Venba questions her why didn’t she take the tablet?

Anjali informs to him that Akhil asked her to consult with a doctor first and take the tablet. Venba questions her who is she then? Venba leaves from there. Parvathy reminds about Venba’s word. She wishes to use this situation against Archana and get money from her for cheating whole family. Venba is talking with someone but Shanthi comes there running. Shanthi informs to her that Bharathi came here. Venba gets happy to hear it. Bharathi and Venu are talking with each other about Soundarya. Venba comes there and greets him. She questions him why is here? He tells her that he comes here unexpectedly. Venba takes him to take lunch with him.

Sandhya is trying to write the letter for Saravana but nothing is popping in her mind. She thinks that Saravana wrote letter for her but she can’t able to write anything. She calls to Saravana. Sandhya apologies to him first and shares the him that she can’t able to write a letter. She even tore 10 letters. Saravana teseses her Isn’t she educated a lot then how could she deny it. Sandhya informs to him that she is thinking a lot but can’t able to write it.

Saravana stands adamant to read a letter. Sandhya tries to convince him but he disconnect the call. Anjali cries thinking about Venba’s word. Akhil comes there and enquires her what happened? She cries more and lies to him as nothing. She apologies to him. Akhil questions her Is Bharathi said anything to her she deny it. She mentions Venba name. She adds that Venba didn’t lie anything but said truth. But it’s hurting her when she thinking about her wrong deeds. She is not acting now she changed for real.

Akhil says to her he is trusting her. Venba is a venom she said it to her to hurt her. Akhil asks Anjali to remember whose word she should trust and believe? If Venba comes near her just ignore her by saying she know to take decision. If she hates her then punches on her nose too. Anjali questions him why is he hates her this much? He says because she made Anjali cry.

Venba shares to Bharathi that she is short tempered.she can’t able to tolerate everything. She is going silent here for Bharathi only. Bharathi asks her to say what’s bothering her? Venba says to her that she prescribed medicine for Anjali but Akhil threw that down. It’s a great insult to her as a doctor. Bharathi gets angry and says to her he will definitely questions him and get a answer from him.

Anjali and Akhil are talking with each other. Bharathi comes there along with Venba. Akhil gets happy to see him there and enquires him about Hema. Anjali notices Bharathi is anger. Bharathi questions him what’s his problem with Venba? Akhil thinks that Venba provoked Bharathi and bring him here? Bharathi questions Akhil why did he throw the medicine down? It’s not only shame to her but also him too. Akhil shares to him that he don’t trust Venba at all. Bharathi questions him how could he look down on doctor prescription? Bharathi asks him to bring it.

Venba thinks that its gonna give head ache to her. Akhil agrees with him. Venba says to Bharathi he is also suspecting her by saying this she leaves from there. Bharathi says to Akhil he insulted him too and follows her. Saravana calls to Sandhya. Sandhya informs to him that she finishes the letter. Saravana asks her to read for him. Sandhya reads it for him. Sandhya questions him how is it? Why is he silent. Saravana informs to her that he don’t wanna disturb her reading that’s why. Sandhya keeps reading it. Sandhya asks him to say anything without keeping silent. Saravana praises her and talking with her happily.

Archana feels like vomiting. She imagines like she is pregnant and eating mango. She dreams like she is suffering in pregnancy period. She gets up from dream and thinks she might escape from Senthil today also. Parvathy comes there and talks with her. Archana questions her why is she here? She will feel bored here. Parvathy says to her if she give birth to a baby then she would have played with it. Archana questions her to make her bore frees why would she give birth to a baby? Parvathy questions her doesn’t it turned to be 4 years after her marriage why didn’t she give birth to baby yet? Is she planning to avoid pregnancy. Archana scolds Parvathy to stop talking nonsense. Parvathy thinks that she will ruin her image soon and leaves.

Venba is playing in mobile. Shanthi comes there and provoking Venba against Anjali. Venba says that she is trying a lot but Akhil is stopping her. Shanthi asks Venba to use this situation and talk with Venu reasoning Soundarya is not with him. She asks Venba to explain him how is Bharathi wasting his life. He needs a partner like Venba. Venba thank Shanthi for giving idea to her and leaves. Ravi and Saravana are discussing about Sivagami. Ravi says that she gonna burst out after they reaches to home. Saravana gets hiccup.

Ravi asks him why is this hiccup not leaving him after he drink the water too. Ravi says that Sandhya may thinking about him. Saravana calls to Sandhya. She attends the call and questions her what’s he doing? She questions him why is he hiccup like this after drinking the water too? She thinks who will think about him except her. Venba notices Venu is talking with someone in phone. Venba starts a conversation with him. She pretends enquires about Soundarya.

Venu shares about Soundarya. Venba says that he is missing his wife in this age also but why don’t he think about Bharathi? He is young he is wasting his life. He is feeling lonely and still hating Kannamma a lot. Venba provoking him and asks him to arrange a marriage to Bharathi. She pretends like nice and advising to him as a Bharathi’s friend. Anjali hears it. Venba asks him to search a girl whom understanding Bharathi and arrange his marriage with him. Venu assures to her he will take a decision.

Episode end.