Bharathi kannamma Famous Vijay tv show. This serial never fail to entertain its audience since the first day, This story about a black girl Kannamma who is ignored by the society and family for her appearance . Bharathi whom entered into her dark life as light , he gave all the happiness to her going against his Mom whom hate black skin In the latest episode .Venba loving Bharathi one sided and planning to separate Kannamma from his life

This show is now gearing up for further drama.

The story of this show revolves around Bharathi and Kannamma family . Venba lied to Bharathi he can’t be a father ever for her selfishness turned to be a suspicious in Kannamma Pregnancy. She walked out when he blamed her as characterless. Kannamma gave birth to twin girls. Soundarya separate one of the baby from Kannamma without her knowledge.

In the previous episode Soundarya and Venu felt happy to see Bharathi blessed his Baby. Soundarya made a request to Tulasi. Soundarya learnt from Tulasi that Kannamma named her baby as Soundarya lakshmi. Kannamma caughted Tulasi red handed. Kannamma lashed out at Tulasi. Soundarya stopped Kannamma when she about to leave the house. Bharathi reached there.

In the latest episode Bharathi insulting Kannamma. Venu warns to Bharathi he will regret one day for his wrong deeds. Bharathi threatening his parents. Soundarya requesting to Kannamma. Tulasi assures to her she will take care of Kannamma. Venba lashing out at Gomathi. Venba push Gomathi she meet with an accident. Bharathi throw harsh words at Soundarya. Venu lashes out at him.

What will happen next ? What will be Venba’s next move? When will Bharathi get to know the truth? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our page for more updates.