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Today’s episode opens with Day 37 at 11:15 AM; Abhinav comes to the witness box. Charul asks Abhi if he feels he is fit or unfit for the show. Abhi say misfit but he wanted to take up the challenge. Farah told to Abhi when she saw him in first week; she felt he has a superiority complex. Abhi defends himself. Amit asks Abhi whom he trusts inside the house apart from Rubi. Abhi takes Jasmin and Kavita. Farah asks if he will make Jasmin captain. Abhi says yes.

Next, come Nikki. Charul asks Nikki why she fights a lot. She asks she befriended Rahul, Jaan and Nikki but fought at the last. Charul asks if it is her strategy. Nikki says no. Farah says she was strong in the beginning but she is dull. Nikki says she will gear up. Amit asks all feel she is selfish. Nikki admits she is selfish. Farah tells about Nikki she don’t back bitch about anyone.

Farah asks Nikki why she doesn’t talk with Rubi and Abhi. Niki says she don’t find them worthy as they are less active. Rubi says she doesn’t reciprocate thus they don’t waste energy on her. Nikki defends herself. Farah next calls Jaan. Charul asks Jaan if he is mastermind or dumb as they are not able to understand him. Jaan defends himself. Farah accuses Jaan she back bitch about Nikki also and betrayed Nishant and cry at last. Jaan says he back bitch about Nikki once. Eijaz tells about Jaan that he gets influenced easily. Jaan accepts the face. Farah asks Nikki if she will trust Jaan. Nikki says never nor post BB also.

Late that day, Farah calls Rahul. Charul question Rahul he active at a time and switches-off in the mid. Rahul says red zone is frustration. He admits BB house is an eye-opener and teaches a lot. Amit asks Rahul he befriends with all as per his convenience. Rahul says he is not afraid of befriending anyone nor he is scared of animosity. Jasmin asks Rahul don’t do friendship with anyone than how he except anyone to support him inside the task. Rahul defends himself. Farah asks who is his alliance in the house. Rahul takes Pavitra’s name.

Further, Farah calls Shardul and asks him to talk with her because he is spotted only talking with the camera. Shardul explains himself. Farah asks Shardul if he fear he will be eliminated. Shardul defends himself and says to Farah he will take her suggestion. Farah asks Shardul to tell why he think he should be in the house.  Shardul says he is unpredictable which he will flaunt in the show.

Farah calls Kavita lastly. Charul question Kavita; Niiki said on her re-entry that she will make no difference. Kavita says Nikki’s word don’t matter. She also admits she is not sorry of what she said to Eijaz. Eijaz says good. Farah asks Kavita to move on from Eijaz. Ahead, after discussing among each other Farah, Charul and Amit nominate Shardul for the week.

12:15 PM; Jasmin asks Shardul to chop the vegetables. Shardul asks he will post coming doing smoking. There, Rahul copies Nikki and mocks her. Jaan enjoys. Nikki doesn’t react.

12:30PM; Eijaz and Nikki talk about Kavita. Eijaz says he is disappointed when Kavita says she is not sorry for what she said to Eijaz. There, Shardul asks Pavitra why he took his name. Pavitra says to Shardul she has to make other connections too thus she took many names other than them. Nikki and Jaan complaints the same about Pavitra.

Other side, Rubi, Abhi and Jasmin talk with each other. Jasmin highlights to Rubi why all finding she is throwing superiority complex. Rubi laughs.

Nikki sits with Rubi and Abhi.  She says to them that she wants to play with them together one day. Rubi says day will come soon. Rubi praise Nikki for her headstrong attitude. Abhi tells to Nikki about Jaan. Niki says Jaan don’t like her spending time with Abhi and Rubi. There, Jasmin and ALy spends time together.

6:30 PM; Aly pulls Pavitra’s leg post spotting her hugging Eijaz. Inmates enjoy.

7:30 PM; Inmates gets surprised seeing ghost chair in the house. All say nomination task. Task starts with Abhi. Bigg Boss says to him Abhi is nominated but he gives him a chance to save himself from the nomination by convincing Aly to destroy Jasmin’s favourite tasks. He asks him to keep sitting on the chair until ALy says yes or not. Abhi asks Aly he can save him from nomination by destroying Jasmin’s doll. Aly finds it difficult to decide first. Jasmin cries for her doll. Ahead, Aly destroy Jasmin’s doll giving the reason that when he was not the Abhi and Rubi took care of Jasmin. Rubi console Jasmin. Aly saves Abhi from the nomination. Bigg Boss calls Jaan next. He asks to wait for his instructions. Meanwhile, ALy console Jasmin post her doll was shredded.  Niki says this emotional task is out of her reach.

Later, Kavita is asked to convince Abhinav to sit on Rubi’s doll and apologize to Nikki and gift it her by saying he is wrong and Nikki is right. Kavita passes the message and asks Abhi not to perform if he is finding it humiliated. Rubina says to Abhi Kavita deserves to be here. Abhi says she can’t speak. Rubi says she can. Abhi does it for Kavita and save her from nomination. Nikki gets happy taking the doll. Aly comes next.

9:30 PM; Abhi and Rubi discuss about the doll. BB asks contenders to take their own decision. He says Rubi shouldn’t have intervene in Abhi’s matter but he is excusing because if was first time.

Aly is asked to convince Rubina for destroying her ‘brown styling’ hair machine. Rubina gets ready to destroy the machines. Jasmin says she made real friends. Aly gets saved from the nomination. Eijaz sit next. Towards the end of the episode, Jasmin says to Rubi she can use hair machines of her.