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Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage. He welcomes the audience and talks about Jasmin’s elimination. He meets inmates and says till now they would have got to know that even colors can’t save ‘colors ke faces’. Slaman talk with Aly and asks if he is fine. He further says he is confused how Jasmin fetched fewer votes. He asks Rubina to comment on it. Rubina cries and says in the house it is difficult to predict. She adds when the door opened she was clueless; else she would have mend her relation with Jasmin. Ahead, Salman asks Eijaz about Pavitra. Eijaz tells to Salman he likes Pavitra the way she is. Salman pulls Eijaz’s leg. Inmates laughs.

Further, Salman show Rakhi her video make by Yasraj Mukhate. Rakhi, Salman and inmates enjoys. Rakhi thanks her fans. Salman next calls Rubina and Arshi for ‘Sultani Akhada’ round. Arshi gets happy. Arshi and Rubina fight with each other. First round gets draw. Arshi won the second and third round. She wins the task. Salman asks Rubina to make Arshi wear the medal. He congratulates Arshi. Ahead, Salman discloses show completed 15th Week and 100 days. He adds for inmates from now their journey will be tough and their each week will be counted. Salman then tell the rule about ‘Rasston Mein Kaaton’ ka task. He asks inmates to choose their competitor for whom they want to put thorns in their journey. Task starts with Rahul, he votes against Rubina. Nikki votes against Abhinav. Vikas vote against for Arshi. Sonali votes against Nikki. Eijaz votes against Rubina. Rakhi votes against Rubina too. Aly votes against Rakhi and quotes she prayed his separation from Jasmin thus, he wants to put thorn in her way. Arshi votes against Rubina. Rubina votes against Nikki. Task ends with Abhinav and he votes against Eijaz.

Abhinav argues with Eijaz when latter interrupted while he was speaking. Eijaz says Rubina too interrupts when anyone speaks. Abhi defends and says he always asks other person to stop as he believes in listening others too. Salman asks Eijaz and Abhi to sort their problem and he will be right back. Rahul says inmates always change the meaning of the task. Later, Salman says nomination today will happen in front of him. He adds Rakhi is captain so because of which she has a privilege to save one contestant from Nomination. Rakhi saves Abhinav. Sonali gets annoyed with Rakhi post she breaks her promise and saved Abhinav. Sonali complaints to Salman about Nikki, latter say it is Rakhi’s choice. Abhinav hugs Rakhi. Further, nomination starts with Vikas and Rubina. Slaman asks to nominate one against ALy and Rahul. Rubina choose Rahul and Vikas goes against Rahul. Meanwhile, Sonali calls Rakhi disloyal. Rakhi and Sonali argues with each other.

Further, Rubina and Vikas nominate Rahul. Salman asks Vikas and Rubina not to discuss about nomination out. Second, Aly and Rahul come. Salman asks them to choose one between Nikki and Arshi. Both nominate Nikki. Eijaz and Sonali come and Salman asks them to nominate between Vikas and Rubina. Both nominate Rubina. Arshi and Nikki nominate Sonali amid Sonali and Eijaz. Salman end for the day. Ahead, Rahul and Sonali discuss and say Rakhi played the big game. Sonali says she will target Rakhi.

There, Aly shares a talk with  Abhinav about Jasmin. He tells to Abhinav, Jasmin had always supported him behind his back. Here, Sonali gets angry on Nikki for keeping used plate near her bed.

There, Aly shares a talk with  Abhinav about Jasmin. He tells to Abhinav, Jasmin had always supported him behind his back. Here, Sonali gets angry on Nikki for keeping used plate near her bed. Verbal argument happens between Sonali and Nikki. Other side, Aly says to Eijaz; his fear is over and now he will target all expect him and Rahul. Afterwards, Sonali accuse Nikki for throwing her clothes in the bathroom. Nikki laughs and asks Sonali to go. Sonali argues with Nikki. Rahul intervene and asks Sonali and Nikki both to go. Episode ends with Nikki asking Rahul to never trust Arshi.