Today’s episode open with Day 39 at 810 PM; Bigg Boss asks Eijaz to convince Jaan to trash his family picture if he wants him to safe him from nomination. Eijaz asks Jaan not to do it as he will save him. Jaan asks to speak. Eijaz asks him to destroy his family picture. Jaan agree to pay back Eijaz. Eijaz gets saved from the nomination. Bigg Boss asks to send Nikki.

Eijaz hugs Jaan and gets emotional. Day 39 at 10:15 PM; Eijaz cries in front of Shardul. He feels bad for asking Jaan to destroy his family picture. Shardul pacify Eijaz. There, Bigg Boss asks Nikki to convince Rahul to bring a certificate kept at store room and read in front of all. He if agree with that than he has to sign it and give it to Jaan. Nikki instructs Rahul. Rahul reads the declaration form where Rahul has to agree Jaan is good singer than him. He asks Nikki if he wants her to save her. Nikki pleads Rahul. Rahul save Nikki from the nomination. Nikki hugs Rahul. She further says to Eijaz that she didn’t expect Rahul will save her but he did.

Next come Pavitra. Bigg Boss asks Pavitra to convince Eijaz to destroy the picture frame of his dogs. Pavitra asks Eijaz it is not necessary to do it because he confronted he will die without their picture frame. Eijaz save Pavitra from the nomination. Jasmin asks Pavitra to say I Love You today to Eijaz. Pavitra feels bad. Aly and Jasmin comforts Eijaz. Pavitra hugs Eijaz and cries. Everyone claps for the duo. Bigg Boss calls Rahul next.

There, Eijaz shares his dog story with Pavitra and Shardul. Shardul tells to Eijaz that Rahul was laughing at the moment. Later, Eijaz asks Rahul if he was laughing on him. Rahul asks Eijaz not to take it personally as he was talking with Aly. Verbal argument happen between Rahul and Eijaz post Eijaz claimed he was laughing on him. Aly clarifies and says they were laughing on his joke. Rahul asks who told Eijaz that he was laughing. Shardul confess he told Eijaz about the same. Rahul louds at Shardul too.

11:15 PM;  Bigg Boss asks Rahul to convince Pavitra to ruin her 10 clothes by pouring color on it, if she wants to save him from the nomination. Rahul conveys the message to Pavitra. Pavitra talks with Rahul. Later, Pavitra agree to save Rahul. Rahul hug Pavitra. Bigg Boss announces apart from Shardul and Rubina all are saved.

Day 40 at 10 AM: housemates wake up at the beat of ‘party song’.

12 PM; Niki asks Rubi why she simply sacrificed her material. Rubina explains she did what she felt at the moment. There, Aly finds Abhi worthless by agreeing to save Nikki even knowing she keeps calling him bad. Aly says game was to defend them but all took it lightly. He finds Rubi’s reason too worthless. Pavitra, Eijaz and others agree with Aly.

7:30 PM; Rahul confess his love for TV actress Disha Parmar. He proposes her and asks her to marry him. Inmates clap for Rahul and wish Disha a happy birthday. Nikki shouts. Rahul sing a song for Disha. He sings ‘Sajan ji Ghar Aaye’ song. All enjoys.

Bigg Boss tells to the contenders about the house party that they will cherish forever. He says the party will happen till morning. The person who will leave at the last will become captain of the house.  Bigg boss asks Rubina to read the rules for the house. Rubina read the rule for the contenders. Later, Nikki says to Pavitra that Eijaz has started liking her. All gets ready for the party.

10 PM; Garden area turns into disco night. Contenders gets happy. Housemates come to the dance floor. DJ Chetas plays the music for them. He first plays ‘love me twist’ song. DJ chetas praise Rahul. He keeps playing the various songs for the housemates. He dedicates ‘Ladaki Pagal Hai’ song to Nikki. Chetas play ‘Naagin’ song. Aly, Jaan and Eijaz dance along with others.

11:30 PM Bigg Boss asks Jasmin to tell the decision. Jasmin says all decided Rubina and Eijaz are out from the party because they broke the rule. Bigg Boss asks Rubina and Eijaz not to join the party. Later, singer Anu Mallik marks his entry in the house. He praises Pavitra and Rahul. He sings a song for inmates. ‘Gori Gori Aankhon’ plays as the first song. Beege Honth Tere song play post Jeene ke hain chaar din songs. Anu Mallik sings more song for the inmates.

12:15 PM; Ole Ole song plays. Shardul touch Pavitra.Pavitra gets angry on him. Aly asks Abhi and Jasmin to evict Pavitra.

1:15 PM; Bigg Boss asks to evict 2 inmates. Housemates take Kavita and Abhi’s name. Abhi says he is not a dancer but was performing. Inmates evict Kavita first. All discuss Jaan as the next name. Jasmin says she don’t see him as the captain. ABhi and few others agree on Jaan.

1:45 PM; Jasmin announce they are evicting Kavita and Jaan. Bigg Boss asks Jaan and Kavita to go out from the party zone. Jaan claim Aly that he took wrong decision. Aly says because Niki says he can’t become captain in first week so now he will become and also will be baised one.

Next, come Neeti Mohan. She dedicates a song to Rahul and Disha. Ishq Wala Love song plays. In the meantime, Aly discuss with Jasmin and says he wants to become captain anyhow. Jasmin says Abhi si ok with it. Both try to convince Nikki. Bang Bang, Humma plays next. Episode ends with Rahul saying to ALy to become captain this week and he will become next week.

11 PM: Bigg Boss asks inmates to evict 2 members after discussing among themselves as only 9 people can continue dancing. Inmates take Eijaz and Rubi’s name. Jasmin says Rubi sit and Eijaz took rest too. Eijaz claims it was dance step. Verbal argument happen between Eijaz, post Abhi claims he overruled the rule. Abhi asks EIjaz not to scream at him.