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Today’s episode opens with Day 100 at 11:45AM; Rahul tell to Arshi that he sacrificed his nomination for her. Aly support Rahul. Arshi says now she will never argue with her.

Ahead, Rakhi asks to do the extra work when Arshi ask her to give her stuffs from BB Mall. There, inmates think Rubina instigate Rakhi and gives her the suggestion. Rubina and Eijaz argues with each other.

12:30 PM; Rakhi allow Arshi and Eijaz to enter BB Mall. She blocks Rahul’s way. Arshi asks Rakhi to let Rahul enter the Mall. Rahul enters the Mall forcefully and says to Rakhi he just wants to roam in Mall. Rakhi asks Rahul to go out. Rahul argues with Rakhi.

1:15 PM; Sonali suggest to Rakhi, each week power changes and she can see the one who don’t talk with her is now spending time with her. Rubina says to Rakhi to avoid such talks. Sonali accuse Rubina roaming around Rakhi. Rakhi says Rubina is her friend. Abhinav support Rakhi. Eijaz argues with Abhinav. Abhinav says to Eijaz he is aged. Sonali stick to her point and says Abhinav and Rubina is supporting Rakhi.

1:45PM; Arshi taunts to Rakhi and says she flipped as she promised Eijaz that she will save him but saved Abhinav. Aly says to Arshi; she doesn’t remember what she says. He highlights rakhi prayed for his separation with Jasmin. Rakhi defends herself. Aly says now he will pray she too cry. Rakhi says she accepts his prayer. Aly gets angry on Rakhi. Rakhi asks Aly to push her and Arshi from the pull.

4:15 PM;  Vikas sees luxury budget item and tells to all. Nikki asks Vikas to hide coffee. Further, Abhinav asks not to steal stuffs as it is for all. Rakhi intervene and asks inmates not to steal as it is for all. Rubina asks to keep cheese spread.

5:45 PM; Rubina says to Nikki that Rahul don’t trust her. Nikki support Rahul.

7:15 PM; Abhinav shares a talk with Rakhi and says he is not nominated this week thus all targeting him. Sonali come and Rakhi says to her she will clear their misunderstanding as she already knows she like Abhinav.

Other side, Aly tells to Arshi and Eijaz the way Rubina is consoling him, he is unexplainable.

12:30 PM; Rakhi and Sonali shares a talk with each other. Rakhi comments on Aly, Rahul and Eijaz.

1:15 PM; Arshi asks Sonali to look into Aly’s eyes. Eijaz come and asks Sonali to look once. Sonali refuses to look into Aly’s eyes.

Day 101; at 8 Am Inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘Crazy Kiya Re’ song. Ahead, Eijaz asks Rakhi to call all to collect the vegetables.

9AM; Sonali shares a talk with Eijaz and says she is liking Aly. She says her feeling is getting uncontrollable. Eiajz asks Sonali to enjoy.

10:30 AMl Eijaz asks Rakhi to be responsible as a captain. Rakhi asks Eijaz not to teach her. Eijaz says why she doesn’t call, all for collecting the vegetables. Rakhi and Eijaz argue with each other. Niki support Rakhi over Eijaz. Later, Arshi favor Eijaz and Eijaz asks Arshi not to talk about him with rakhi. Verbal arguments happen between Rakhi and Arshi. ALy intervene and accuse Rakhi for doing drama for camera. Rakhi says to Aly than why they are here to just cook. Ugly argument happens between Rakhi and Aly.

11:15 AMl Aly tells to Eijaz that he supported Rakhi and Nikki, now they are dancing on his head. Eijaz says it is getting unbearable to hear their taunt. Arshi says to Eijaz that he only made her captain. Eijaz asks Arshi not to repeat.

11:30 AMl Rakhi asks Eijaz to bring tissue papers. Eijaz refuses. Rakhi says if he will not bring than she will give his punishment. Eiajz stick to his words. Arshi and Rahul say Rubina instigated Rakhi. Rakhi argues with Rahul and Eijaz. Eijaz asks Rakhi not to target him. Aly gives background music.

Later, Arshi steal stuffs from BB Mall. Rakhi asks Arshi to keep else she will destroy her stuffs. Arshi refuses to keep clothes back at BB Mall. Rakhi brings Arshi’s stuff to destroy. Arshi too bring Rakhi’s stuff. Both fight with each other.

1PM; Eijaz asks Rakhi to get him new broom. Rakhi asks BB to send broom for Eijaz as he is getting hurt.

1:30 PM; Rubina says to Rakhi not to target Eijaz as he is poking her.

2:15 PM; Eijaz says to Aly and Arshi that he sparked captain in Rakhi. Rakhi acts. Aly and Arshi makes fun of Rakhi.


Further, Rakhi tell to Rubina that Aly and Arshi is making fun of her age. Aly says Arshi that Rakhi is playing victim card. Rakhi, Nikki, Aly and Arshi argues with each other post Rakhi claim three of them is making fun of her work and age.

After4:15 PM; Rakhi tells to Abhinav and Rubina that Sonali is in love with Aly. Rubina tells to Rakhi that Sonali is trying to copy her because she talks about Abhinav. There, Sonali tell to Arshi, Rahul, Aly and Rakhi that when she felt for Aly. Rahul sing a song, ALy and Sonali shares a dance with each other.

7:15 PM; Rakhi tells to Abhinav that someone took coffee. Abhi asks to recall who all visited BB Mall. Rakhi takes Arshi, Sonali and Aly’s name. Abhi laughs. Rakhi asks Aly to return her coffee. Aly says he didn’t took. Later, Rahul call Rakhi worst captain. Rakhi says to Rahul he is playing because of Aly. Rakhi and Rahul argues with each other. Episode ends with Rubina taking side of Rakhi. Verbal argument happens between Rahul and Rubina.