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Today’s episode opens with Day 41 4:15 PM; Eijaz asks Jaan not allow anyone to spit in the kitchen washbasin. Kavita says how anyone can spit in kitchen. Jaan says Rahul do. Rahul defends himself.

Later, Eijaz argue with Rahul for washing face in the sink. Rahul washes his face and shows to Eijaz. EIjaz claims it is unhygienic. Jamsin supports Rahul. Here, Nikki talks with Pavitra and Jaan. She says Rahul changed the team and spoiling his game.

5:15 PM; Aly talks with Niiki. Niki complaints to Aly he didn’t thought about her during captaincy task. Aly apologize to nikki and hugs her.

5:30 PM; Eijaz and Pavitra have their sweet time together. Aly spots Eijaz giving back hug to Pavitra. He tells to everyone. Aly and Jaan pulls Eijaz and Pavitra’s leg.

6:15 PM; Nikki talks with Pavitra and Jaan. She says only few have understanding at the house. Nikki doesn’t take Jaan and her name. She says there is no understanding between them. Jaan argues with Nikki. Nikki asks Jaan to play his game.

Other side, Aly asks Eijaz what is happening to him. Eijaz thinks of Pavitra.

10 PM; Nikki and Pavitra shares a talk. Nikki says to Pavitra that love don’t happen suddenly thus, she is not convinced with her and Eijaz’s relation. Pavitra says she is attached to Eijaz emotionally. Ahead, Nikki confesses she is falling for Aly. She thinks to control herself.

10:30 PM; Nikki says to Jaan that she don’t like when he kiss her. She says she does not like that. Jaan asks when he kissed last. Niki says last night. Jaan says he is sorry for that. Nikki says he doesn’t exist for her from now.

12:30 AM; Pavitra and Eijaz shares a hug in the kitchen. Eijaz says he is seeing her with a different eye from now. He asks Pavitra if she is single. Pavitra asks Eijaz why he is asking that. She further explains she is attached to him but can’t fall in love with him.

Day 42 At 8 AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat of song.

10 Am; Nikki says to Eijaz that Rahul is saying all hunts for content. She says she has also seen Rahul washing face in sink. Eijaz asks Nikki than why she hasn’t highlighted. He gets angry on her. Nikki says Eijaz urinate in sink. Eijaz asks when she saw that. Niki says Eijaz was first contestant in the house and when she came she saw droplets. Eijaz feels disgusted.

Other side, Kavita and Eijaz argue indirectly over performing washroom duty.

10:15 AM; Abhi says Jail is there. Nikki says she don’t want to go inside the jail. Further, Bigg Boss says as they can see jail now it is time to fill it. He says this week they showed two traits of themselves to the audience as they were shocked seeing everyone simply sacrificing stuffs without any opposition. Further, during captaincy task they were seen plotting. BB asks inmates to discuss who they feel with mutual decision should send two contender inside the jail.

Pavita takes Kavita’s name. Kavita takes Eijaz and Pavitra’s name. Eijaz gets offended. Verbal argument happens between Eijaz and Kavita, post Kavita accuse Eijaz is fake.

2:45 PM; Rahul takes Eijaz’s name. He says he don’t understand him. He takes Jaan’s name as the second name. Rahul says Jaan is not playing individual. Eijaz takes Abhinav and Kavita’s name. Kavita asks Eijaz not to see her outside. Eijaz asks Kavita not to threaten him. Abhi too mocks Eijaz. Jaan takes Kavita and Rahul’s name. Nikki takes Jaan’s name. She says he disrespected her by kissing her. Nikki says she regrets saving Jaan from the nomination. She takes Abhi’s name as the second name. Aly takes Jaan’s name for kissing Niki inspite she is feeling disgusted.

3:30 PM; Jaan talks with Shardul and Pavitra about Nikki. He says Nikki talked cheap today. Shardul asks Jaan not to roam around Nikki. Pavitra supports Shardul.

3:45 PM; Nikki says Jaan is fond of her but she don’t like him. Jaan asks Nikki why she reciprocated. Nikki refuses to agree that she kissed him back.

4 PM; Bigg Boss says contenders presented this jail task with different perception. He says as per Rubi, Abhi and Jasmin the jail is for the one to figure out what he/she is doing in the game. He says he liked the idea. BB asks Aly to choose two contenders amid Jamsin, Rubi and Abhi who deserves to go inside the jail to figure out their worth in the game and come out good. Aly sends Rubi and Abhi in the jail. Aly locks Rubina in the jail. Eijaz says to Rubi that Jail is for punishment not to lock up and figure out. Ahead, Jasmin and Aly talk with Abhi and Rubina.

4:45 PM; Shardul says to Abhi that he like him. Kavita asks Rubi and Abhi not to fall for Shardul’s word. Shardul argue with Kavita for interrupting his talk with Abhi and Rubinav.

5:15 PM; Kavita asks Aly to call Jaan as he is not doing any duty seriously. Abhi asks Kavita to make Jaan do something as he is lazy. Kavita screams and says time over for being good now.

6:15 PM; Kavita asks Nikki to take out food in the platter as it takes time to clean the utensil. Nikki says from Monday she will not clean utensil if it will be late. Kavita asks to complaint to captain and not to her. Verbal argument happens between Kavita and Nikki.

6:45 PM; Nikki shares a talk with Shadul about Kavita.

9:15 PM; Aly talks with Eijaz and says he is thinking about Nikki’s claim. He says he is not understating if Nikki was waiting for the time to highlight out Jaan kissing her. Eijaz listen to him. Jaan asks Aly than why she was reciprocating him.

11pm; Pavitra says to Shardul she like Eijaz but don’t love him. Shardul suggests Pavitra to fetch time and talk with Eijaz. Later, Eijaz comes to Pavita and says if she will not say he won’t take a step ahead. He says he will wait for her reply. Eijaz assures Pavitra after quiet a long he liked someone. He says he wants her to focus on the game first. (Episode Ends)