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Today’s episode opens with Day 12, 7:30 PM; Nikki asks Jaan if he can keep her lipstick on its place. Jaan says yes he will and goes away. Nishant and Nikki talk about the task. Nikki says Team B played well. Jaan says there team has also done well but last decision was of dictator. Nishant and Jaan argue over the performance of the task. Nikki enjoys. Jaan gets upset with Nikki. There Deol, Abhi, Rubi and Jasmin talks about the task.

At 8 PM; Nikki goes to Jaan and says if person keeps flipping than they are left alone. Jaan says he never did that and defends himself. Nikki says she thinks he wants to be in good books of everyone. Duo tries to clear their misunderstanding. Jaan

8:15 PM; Jaan and Nikki discuss about the task. Nikki says she wasn’t biased but all tagged her. Jaan says as a friend he says, he felt she was. Nikki defends herself.

8:30PM; Nikki declares she won’t do any duty because she is confirmed contestant. Rahul tries to defend but ignored her.

9 PM; Sid shares with Gauhar and Hina his dad’s birthday is tomorrow. Gauhar and Hina hug him. Sid shares his childhood memory with his father with the duo.

9:15 PM; Jasmin shares with Rubi and Abhi that she won’t ever become the Jasmin she became today. Abhi says if anyone is bad-mouthing anyone than its other person insecurities. Jasmin than tells to duo that Nikki has declared she won’t perform any duty from tomorrow. Abhi and Rubi make a strategy to defend her. Other side, Gauhar says Nikki has soft-heart. Hina says she don’t like her attitude during the task. Sid says it’s a part of the game.

1 PM; Pavitra hugs effigy of a boy and cries.

Day 13, 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of energetic song. Ahead, Pavitra discuss about the task. Sid asks Pavitra don’t be the pack and try to over shine like before.

10:30 PM; Rubi asks Nikki to chop the vegetables. Nikki says if seniors will ask her than only she will do else not. Rubi says it is not a senior’s call. Abhi says to Deol, Rubi doing the same which he asked her not to. Pavitra defends Nikki. Rubi says she won’t prepare lunch until she will get chopped vegetables.

There, Nikki shares with Rahul that she will not follow anyone’s order. Inmates decide over the duties. Abhi decides to prepare his and Rubi’s lunch and will left others.

Ahead, Nikki asks Rubi to cut and prepare lunch. Abhi interrupts and says until chopped vegetables Rubi will get, she is not going to prepare lunch. Nikki gets adamant not to perform any duty.

Hina tries to make Nikki understand that she should not escape from performing duty. Niki refuses to listen to anyone. Heated argument happens between Abhi and Nikki.

Day 12:15 PM; Abhi asks Jaan to play his own game and don’t get influence by anyone. Jaan tries to defend himself. Pavitra and Rubi support Abhi. Abhi asks Jaan not to try to convince him rather he should go to Nikki and should tell to her.

Day 13; 2:30 PM; Pavitra reads a task where freshers can play and win their stuff permanently. Inmates get excited. Seniors become the dictator. Two freshers are asked to play at a time.

Sid, Hina and Gauhar discuss about the task. Later, Pavitra and Rubina are asked by Bigg Boss to start the task. Buzzer rings, Pavitra and Rubina runs to collect the balls. Inmates cheer for Pavitra and Rubina. Both try to destroy each other’s. Buzzer rings. Pavitra wins the task. Bigg Boss asks Pavitra to go and fetch her stuff from BB Mall.

Day 13 4PM; Hina and others cheer for Pavitra. Pavitra takes her whole stuff from BBMALL. Later, Pavitra shares with Nishant and says she won’t spare Rubi next, she entered her Radar.

4:45 PM; Bigg Boss calls Eijaz and Rahul next. Buzzer rings and task starts. Rahul and Eijaz try their best to collect the box. Hina tries to tell Eijaz and Rahul where are balls. Sid asks Hina to let them play. Hina asks Sid not to interrupt her. At the end of the task, Eijaz wins the task. Bigg Boss asks EIjaz to collect his stuff from BB Mall.

Eijaz shares about his past life with Sid, Gauhar and Hina.

6 PM; Jaan, Pavitra, Nishant and Jaan shares a talk with each other. Ahead, Nishant and Shehzad perform the ball task. Buzzer rings and task starts. Nishant collects the ball and tries to hide it one tree. Hina oppose Nishant’s decision. Bigg Boss asks Nishant to come down. Deol and Nishant try to destroy their game. At the end of the task, Nishant wins the task. Bigg Boss asks Nishant to collect his stuffs from the BB Mall.

9 PM; Nikki, Jaan, Nishant and Rahul discuss about Eijaz. They feel Eijaz is trying to play with both the teams. There, Eijaz talks with his dog picture. Nishant feels Eijaz is not loyal. Here Deol, Jasmin, Rubi and Abhi discuss about Eijaz too. Deol says Eijaz is energetic. They mock him. Bigg Boss announces because of rain, task is cancelled for the day.

11 PM; Sid and Hina throws Gauhar inside the pool. Gauhar scream. Hina and Sid too goes inside the pool. Episode ends with Eijaz sharing a talk with Deol about Rubina. He says thought Rubina is a sorted person because his friend is her too but Rubina has superiority complex. He says Abhi is his good friend and wants to give Rubina a respect.