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Today’s episode opens with Day 44 at 8 Am; Housemates wakes up at the beat of Happy Diwali song.

12:30 PM; Pavitra and Nikki talks about Eijaz. Pavitra  says Eijaz is playing game. Nikki says he comes and cries in front of them but in task he flips. She says she is finding Kavita right. Pavitra says Eijaz is playing smart but he is colliding with a wrong person.

There, Kavita highlights everyone out here is having group. Aly says he is with Jasmin and not in any group. He argues with Kavita. Verbal argument happens between the duo over who is playing in the group and who is not. Kavita calls Aly ‘goon’. Aly gives a befitting reply to Kavita. He accuse Kavita to fetch camera attention she keeps targeting Eijaz.

Kavita tells to Jasmin why Aly is getting hyper. Jamsin tries to interrupt Aly and he asked her not to. There, Kavita and Jaan argue with each other. Kavita calls Jaan ‘chamcha’. Jaan says to Kavita to stop playing character as she is in Bigg Boss.

1PM; Kavita shares a talk with Nikki about Jaan. There, Aly talks about Kavita and says she is playing character now. Kavita says to Nikki why they hesitate to accept there are groups.

Afterwards, Jamsin asks Kavita if she is upset. Kavita says she didn’t like Aly’s behaviour towards her for small thing. She decides never to talk with Aly again. There, Aly sits with Jaan and Nikki. Nikki says Kavita is good at heart.

6:45pm; Kavita shares a talk with Rubina. Rahul joins them later. Kavita says for content they talk below the belt. Later, Kavita says to Nikki, Aly’s argument with her was planned as last day he said he will fight with her.

Ahead, Pavita complaints to Eijaz why he tagged her as spinner. Eijaz says he just said for the task. Pavitra asks why to her only. Eijaz asks if she don’t feel anything for him. Pavitra says no. She says he is just her friend and nothing else.

10:45 PM; Nikki and Kavita shares a talk. Kavita says she never thought she will bond with her. Nikki says same. There, Pavita says to Jaan, Nikki found his replacement and now planning against him. Jaan says he understands.

Day 45; at 8:30 AM; Cold war happens between Jaan and Eijaz. Rahul inact Eijaz. Nikki enjoys. Here, Jasmin says to ABhi she is not understating why Eijaz is silent now. She asks if it is his game strategy. Abhi says none will hear him now. Other side, Kavita says to Nikki she don’t want to talk about Eijaz and Pavitra.

9:15 PM; Rubina gets angry on Abhi why he refuses to listen to her. She calls him ‘workman’. Abhi ignores. Jasmin supports Abhi. Rubina argue with Jasmin and Abhinav.

Later, Rubina talks with Abhinab about Jasmin. She complaints Abhinav for joining Jasmin in her talk too.

10:30 AM; Jaan and Eijaz shares a talk. Pavitra asks Jaan not to hesitate in replying back. Eijaz asks Pavitra not to poke.

12:30 PM; Jaan talks with Aly about Kavita. Aly calls Kavita fake. Both mock her.

5:15 PM; Bigg Boss talks about the nominations. He says today 6 contenders will be nominated today. He gives Aly Goni an opportunity as a captain to choose 6 names for the nomination. Bigg Boss calls Aly to the BB theatre. Inmates watch Aly on the TV screen. Aly first nominates Kavita for his silly fight with him. He nominates Nikki next and says she is doing back bitching now. Aly nominates Jaan further. He takes Abhi’s name and says he can be a tough competition to him thus nominating him. Aly takes Eijaz’s name too. And lastly, Aly nominated Rubina. Bigg Boss asks Aly to tell one name as his replacement. Aly calls Abhinav. Bigg Boss gives Abhinav a chance to save one person from nomination and come inside the theatre once he will call him. Later, Kavita says Aly is not Sher. Nikki agree with her.

5:45 PM; Eijaz asks Pavitra why she is seeing him like that. He says he got nominated because of him. He gives back hug to Pavitra. Rubina does her work.

6:15 PM; Bigg Boss asks Abhinav apart from him whom he wants to save from the nomination. Abhinav saves Rubina. He replaces her with Rahul. BB asks Abhinav whom he wants to call for further procedure. Abhi takes Jasmin’s talk.

6:30 PM; Rahul asks Jasmin to save him. Jasmin says she will see. Kavita asks Abhi why he saved Jasmin after what she did with Rubi. Abhi says he and Rubina shares individual equation with Jasmin. Pavitra asks Jasmin to save her. Later, Jasmin goes to the theatre.

She saves Abhinav first. She says Abhi was good companion to her so far. Jasmin nominates Pavitra. She says she wants Rahul to come next for the nomination. Pavitra, Nikki and Jaan try to convince Rahul to save them from the nomination. Rahul in a tough spot.

8 PM; Rahul saves Pavitra and nominates Rubina next. Pavitra decides to save Rahul because she has given words to him.

8:30 PM; Pavitra saves Rahul and nominates Jasmin in his place. Kavita, Nikki, Rubina, Jaan, Eijaz and Jasmin get nominated for the week.

8:45 PM; Rubina complaints to Jasmin why she didn’t called her. Jasmin says she didn’t think upon her name.

There, Eijaz and Pavitra make a game strategy. Here, Kavita sees Rubina, Abhi, Aly and Jasmin sit together and says group is there but they are not accepting it. Nikki agrees with Kavita.

10 PM; Nikki says to Rahul he is her priority.

10:30 PM; Pavitra says to Eijaz that Aly is twisting the game and she can’t be his follower. She decides to play individual.

1AM; Jaan and Pavitra talks about Rubina, Abhi, Aly and Jasmin’s team.  They say their group is on the verge of breaking because Rubina is not liking Jasmin’s presence now. (Episode Ends)