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Today’s episode opens with Day 15 at 8 AM; housemates wake up at the beat of ‘tatar tatar song’.

11:30 AM; Gahuar says she feels cooking department should do chopping too. Sid says cooking and chopping can’t be done separately. Abhi and Rubi defend Sid. Gauhar says chopping is not a duty. Rubi calls Sid unreasonable. Sid says he is not. Ahead, Pavitra interrupts and Rubi asks her not to sepak in her matter. Pavitra defends herself and asks Rubi not to order her whether she has to speak or not. Housemates discuss over chopping the vegetables. None agrees with Rubi and Abhi.

Lastly, Abhi concludes chopping is a part of cooking.

12PM; Nikki and Jaan talks about Rubina and Abhi. Nikki says both are senseless. Hina supports Abhi and Rubi and says

4:30 PM; Jasmin says she hates Nikki. Deol asks to maintain distance. Jasmin says let her confidence comes down when all will come at the same level. Deol says person who has ego does a mistake. Jasmin says she is waiting for the right time.

Pavitra asks post dinner or lunch whosoever cooks later should clean the gas. Rahul does the commentary. Pavitra loses her cool over Rahul for interrupting.

7:15PM: Pavitra accuses Rahul and says he is insensitive. Rahul comes and defends himself. Heated argument happens between Pavitra and Rahul. Rahul asks her to speak on his face not behind him. He asks her not to become dictator. Pavitra says she will and do argument with him. Rahul says he dragged his father in between. He loses his cool on her.  

7:30 PM; Nishant, Jaan and Rahul decides to keep code word rather than addressing the person directly. They share a talk with each other and says they will welcome person wisely and not all. Nishant and Jaan talk about Nikki. Nishant and Rahul accuse Jaan and say he is still a puppet of Nikki. Jaan says he is playing game.

Ahead, Pavitra Puniya reads about ‘Luxury Budget’ task. Jaan and Rahul are asked to do musical competition to lure inmates and seniors. One will be the winner and will get ‘Luxury Budget’. Both are asked to earn ask many crowd to win the task.

8:15 PM; Jaan gets excited seeing his guitar. He gets double excited seeing his dad’s playlist. Nishant and Rahul share a talk. Rahul says he is happy seeing his guitar.

9:15 PM; Rahul and Jaan competes with each other. Duo present beautiful songs.

Day 9:45 PM; Buzzer rings. Task gets over. Jaan wins the task and ‘Luxury Budget’. Bigg Boss asks Jaan to take four freshers name with whom he wants to share the hamper. Jaan takes, Nikki, Eijaz, Deol and Nishant’s name.

Day 10 PM; Rubi says she knew it none will come to Rahul thus she sit for him. Jasmin says her reason was the same too. Here, Jaan celebrates with his team.

11:30 PM; Bigg Boss says freshers are entering into the last phase of TBC. He says Nikki is first confirmed contestants but today he gives inmates an opportunity to discuss and tell him whether Nikki should stay like a confirmed contestant or should stay like other freshers. He asks to start the task. Inmates discuss about Nikki. Nikki first asks Rahul to tell whether she deserve to be confirmed contestant or not. Rahul favors Nikki. Jaan speaks against Nikki. He says he don’t like her attitude which she keep flaunting post getting confirmed. Jaan says still being a friend he will support her. Nishant agrees with Jaan and later supports Nikki. Rubi goes against Nikki. Abhi too says he don’t think she deserves to be confirmed contestant. Jasmin too speaks against Nikki.

Deol says he too don’t see Nikki as a confirmed contestant and speaks against Nikki. Pavitra and Eijaz support Nikki. Seniors says ratio is 5 is to 4. They ask freshers to discuss upon.

12:30 AM; Pavitra and Rubi first start the discussion on Nikki. Nishant supports Nikki. Rubi, Jasmin, Deol and Abhi get adamant and speak against Nikki. Hina and Gauhar say they see Rubina as the winner of BB 14. Sid doesn’t agree with her.

Later, Bigg boss says he asked them to tell the end result with everyone’s concern and not by majority. Eijaz says none is agreeing with each other. Bigg Boss says than Nikki will remain as confirmed contestant.

1:15 AM; Hina hugs Rubina and praise her for her fierce attitude. There, Nikki loses her cool on Nishant. Nishant asks her not to scream at him. There, Hina says she don’t like Nikki’s attitude. Gauhar says it is her personality. Later, Eijaz and Nishant argue with each other when Nishant interrupts his talk with Jaan.

1:30 AM; Nikki says her friend betrayed her by not correcting her flaws. Jaan tries to defend him. Nishant, Jaan and Nikki talk with each other. There, Pavitra and Rahul tries to resolve their issue.

2:30 AM; Jaan explains to Nikki that he don’t talk at her back. Nikki says she just wants to know when she hurt him. Jaan counts when she insulted him. Nikki ends the talk with Jaan. Episode ends with Jaan calling Nikki a ‘diplomat’.