Today’s episode opens with Jasmin Bhasin along with Jaan and her team tears heart of Rubina’s side. Pavita, Eijaz and Abhi try to defend. Abhi asks Jasmin not to tear the heart. Jasmin asks Aly to tear 7 hearts. Aly does the same.

46 at 8:30 PM; Bigg Boss asks Rubi and Rahul to come to the score board. Rahul mocks Rubi and calls her teacher. Rubi says he is insulting his entire teachers by mocking her. Rahul argue with Rubi. Abhi interrupts and Rahul says to Rubi that she is playing in group with Abhi only. Abhinav argue with Rahul. Rahul says in the history of Bigg Boss first time Rubina and Abhinav is playing with bigg boss. Rubina and Abhi give befitting reply to Rahul.

Bigg Boss asks Rubi and Rahul to tell the decision of second round. Both don’t tell the result on mutual decision. Bigg Boss says second round is draw too. He says task is over for the day and now none can take or give the money.

9 PM; Rubi asks Abhi not to speak when she is speaking with anyone. Aly and Rahul makes a task strategy. Jasmin tries to make Rahul understand that task is given to him and Rubina to check their personality. She asks him not to abuse or pass personal comment. Rahul asks not to make him understand and asks Jasmin to talk with him later.

9:30 PM; Jasmin pokes Kavita. Kavita asks Jasmin not to talk to her if she is not talking with her. Jasmin says she will speak. Verbal argument happens between Kavita and Jasmin.

10 PM; Jasmin says to Abhi Kavita’s presence is irking her. Abhi says Rahul’s presence is irking him but in this house they can’t help it. Both share a talk with each other.

10:30 PM; Abhi says to Rubina that Eijaz returned them money so they have to bring one person from Rahul’s team. Rubina says they can’t do that. Both make task strategy. Other side, Aly makes a strategy with Jaan, Nikki and Rahul. There, Rubina asks Abhi if he got to learn the preferences today. Abhi says Aly thinks him as his threat and for Jamsin her, so they will try to plan against them. Afterwards, Nikki says to Rubi that she is not playing with any team.  

11:45 PM; Eijaz says to Pavitra to make connection so that she can convince contenders why she deserves to be the captain. Pavitra agree to Eijaz.

12:30 AM; Rahul shares a talk with Jasmin and Aly. Jasmin says to Rahul, Aly wants him to be the captain.

Day 47 at 8 Aml housemates wakes up at the beat of ‘dil hai ziddi’ song.

9:15 AM; Kavita and Nikki makes a task strategy. Kavita says to Niki Rahul is using them for the task thus, they will make their own strategy.

9:45PM; Nikki tears the heart. Jasmin, Pavitra and Jaan oppose. Nikki defends herself.

10:15 Am; Aly, Eijaz, Rahul and Jaan discuss about Nikki.

11:15 AM; Abhi and Rubi counts the money and concludes someone has stolen the money.

12PM; Rubi, Abhi, Pavitra and Eijaz talks about the money. Rubi asks Eijaz and Pavitra to go and somehow figure out.

Later, Jaan accuse Eijaz has stolen the money. Pavitra refuses to believe.

1:45 PM: Rahul waits for his teammates. Niki and Kavita ask Rahul to give money. Rahul refuses. Nikki starts breaking heart. Jaan and Rubi say to Nikki that task yet not started. Niki says task started for her. Ahead, task starts contenders make the heart. Abhi and Aly tries to tear their heart. Bigg Boss asks Rubina and Rahul to tell the decision. Both argue again. Rubina tear Rahul’s heart. Ugly argument happens between Rahul and Rubina.

2:30 PM; Abhi, Pavitra, Rubi learns from Eijaz he steal money from Aly’s side.

2:45 PM; Eijaz and Aly discuss upon deciding the captain of the house. Meanwhile, Aly and Jaan breaks Rubi’s side heart. There, Eijaz says to Pavitra for his own profit he is playing with Rubina. Pavitra listen to him.

4:45 PM; Tasks restarts. Rubina announce from her side, Pavitra and Abhishek will go. Eijaz and others laugh when Rubi calls Abhinav as Abhisekh. Rahul says from his side Jaan will go. Aly again tears heart. Eijaz blocks Jaan. Seeing the task, Bigg boss asks all the contenders to stand facing BB gate.

Bigg Boss asks Rubina and Rahul to tell one last time if any good heart is left or not. Bigg Boss cancels the task. He says no one is nominee for the captain. Nikki, Pavitra, Abhi, Jasmin and few others gets happy.

5:30 PM; Niiki says she has cleaned her side utensil. Eijaz and Jasmin defend. Abhi and Rahul ask Eijaz not to perform Nikki’s duty. Nikki comments on Eijaz and says he is playing victim card. Verbal argument happens between Nikki and Eijaz. Kavita and Nikki talk about Eijaz. She goes to Eijaz and ask him not to drag her in his fight with Nikki.

Jasmin discuss with Abhi and says felt bad when Rubina didn’t trust her for once. Abhinav clarifies Jasmin. Jasmin wishes to keep her friendship with Abhi constant. Abhi agree. (Episode Ends)