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Today’s episode opens with Day 139 at 8 AM; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘banno tera swagger’ song.

6:15 PM; Bigg Boss says from his side he is giving finalists party for last time. He says they deserve because they overcome all the hurdles and are finalists now. Bigg Boss says like every season he is falling short of words to wrap their season. Nikki, Aly, Rahul, Rakhi and Rubina gets over whelmed hearing BB. Bigg Boss says to give them party he is calling few entertainers for them. He asks finalists to get ready.

8 PM; Nikki asks Rahul what he is looking for. Nikki and Rakhi argues post Nikki quotes she is not ‘Rakhi Sawant’ to steal cigarette packet. Aly support Rakhi and tell to Nikki that Sawant is legend and don’t do cheap things. Rahul asks Nikki to apologize Rakhi as she didn’t intend to comment on her. Rakhi says she didn’t took cigarette pac.

Rakhi asks Aly to make Nikki apologize if he wants her to keep silent. Nikki refuses to apologize Rakhi. Verbal arguments happen between Rakhi and Nikki. Rubina apologize to Rakhi on Nikki’s be-half. Rahul and Aly don’t like Rubina’s interrupting between Nikki and Rakhi. Rubina says she just want argument to get over. Nikki argues with Rubina. She refuses to apologize to Rakhi.

9 PM; Rahul, Rubina, Rakhi, Aly and Nikki celebrate their so far journey. They gets excited to see there is no glass in between. Bollywood actor Raj Kumar Rao enters the house. Finalists welcome Raj. Raj praise finalists journey so far. Raj Kumar Roa promote his upcoming movie ‘Roohi’. He explain about his movie which is on split personality. Raj performs a task with inmates and asks them to tell what they like and dislike about particular contender. Task starts with Rubina. Rubina says she don’t know actual reason behind her fight with Rahul. But she likes his artistic side. Rahul compliment Rubina. Rakhi tell about Rubina and Nikki. Aly says Nikki is pure from heart but has mood swings. Aly adds Rubina is full of goodness but when it comes to fight she argues even when she knows other person is wrong. Nikki speaks about Rakhi and says she never heard the abuses the way Rakhi do. She adds Rakhi is soft-hearted person. Nikki praise Rubina. Lastly, Rahul speak about Rubina. He says Rubina don’t accept her flaws. Rahul adds for Aly too. Raj kumar gives best wishes to finalists. Rao says BB14 theme ‘scene paltega’ thus, someone is going to join them. Raj Kumar says season 15 two contenders will mark their entry in season 14 itself. All claps.

10:15 PM; Ahead, comedian Harsh and Bharti enters the house. Aly, Rakhi, Rubina, Nikki and Rahul welcome both. Bharti does the comedy on inmates activity inside the house. Finalists along with Harsh and Bharti enjoys. Harsh and Bharti tell they are confirmed Bigg Boss 15 contender. Further, Harsh and Bharti makes finalists laugh their heart out. Harsh demand Rahul to sing ‘Aly’ song for him. Rahul sings for Harsh. Later, Bharti decides to make a sketch of Rakhi’s husband Ritesh. Rakhi dictates and Bharti makes. All laughs when Bharti makes funny sketch of Ritesh. Harsh says for season 15 he and Bharti has decided to play solo. They perform a task with inmates.

Afterwards, Bharti and Harsh give trophies to finalist based on their so far in the journey in the house. Rubina gets ‘teacher’ award. Harsh and Bharti asks Rahul to give speech on be-half of Rubina. Nikki gets ‘pendulum’ as an award. Nikki and others laugh. Aly is asked to give speech on Nikki’s be-half. Rahul gets BB house effigy as an award. Rubina is asked to give speech on Rahul’s behalf. Aly gets Jasmin and Rahul’s half portrait. Aly laughs, Nikki give speech on Aly’s behalf. Rakhi gets toy monkey. Rakhi gives her own speech. Next, Harsh and Bharti asks Nikki and Rakhi if they get 12 Lac cheque than they will walk out from the house or will stay back? Rakhi and Nikki both qutoes show is important than money and they will wait for finale. Bharti asks Aly to open briefcase and tell the amount on the cheque. Aly gets shocked opening the briefcase and later does a comedy.

11:45PM; Harsh and Bharti perform hammer task with Rubina, Aly, Rahul, Rakhi and Nikki. All enjoys. Further, Harsh and Bharti says now there is a twist as at the beginning of the season contenders have gone through rejection. So, season is ending thus, amid five one will face rejection and will sleep outside. Rakhi, Rahul, Aly, Rubina and Nikki discuss among themselves.  Rahul faces the rejection. Harsh and Bharti reveals it was a prank. Episode ends with finalists performing dance with Bharti and Harsh.