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Today’s episode opens with Day 48 at 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of ‘love mei twist’ song.

12:15 PM; Jaan argue with Nikki’s washroom post Jaan asks her not to dump the tissue in the bare bin. Nikki refuses. Jaan says now he will pour the garbage on Nikki’s bed. Eijaz and Jasmin ask him not to. Jaan says now he will show Nikki.

5:15 PM; EIjaz says to Aly that Jaan only talks and does nothing. Aly agree. Eijaz says Jaan don’t have self-respect as, he keeps going to Nikki every time.

Ahead, Bigg Boss says captaincy task got cancelled but he is giving one more chance to fetch the captaincy with a rule that the previous captain only can take a part in this task.

Further, Jasmin reads the rule of the ‘captaincy task’. As per the task Jasmin, Aly, Kavita and Eijaz are asked to stay under the box. The one who survives will become the captain of the task. Eijaz is asked to choose his representative to perform the task because of doctor’s advice. Left contenders can distract them. Aly, Eijaz and Jasmin make the task strategy. Eijaz choose Pavitra as his representative. Rahul becomes the dictator of the task.  

Jasmin, Pavitra, Aly and Kavita go inside the box. Rahul says none will mess the task else he will evict straight away. Nikki defends and says she will not stop.

There, Rubina and Abhi decide to protect Jasmin. Rahul mocks Jasmin. Abhi tells to Jasmin they will make her. Aly comes out from the box.

6:15 PM; Abhi asks Rubi to go and talk with Jasmin about who she will save. Jaan decides to torcher Kavita. Niki protects Kavita. Jaan pours cooking oil on Kavita. Kavita asks Niki to let Jaan do whatever he wants too.

6:45 PM; Eijaz says he won’t allow Rahul to torcher Pavitra. Rahul and Eijaz argue with each other. Jasmin says to Rahul that Eijaz has a habit to demotivate dictator. She asks Rahul don’t get bothered by him. Jaan continues to torcher Kavita. Nikki asks Jaan to play his own game. There, Jasmin says to Aly that Kavita don’t have game spirit thus she will come out easily. Here, Kavita says she would have come out but today she will not come out because of Jaan.

8 PM; Kavita accuse Jaan and says he is spraying on her face. Jaan says he didn’t. He gets adamant not to make Kavita captain. Pavitra accuse Jaan and says Jaan is yet again influenced by Aly. Jaan defends himself.

Further, Jaan discloses that for Eijaz he was preference but he ditched. Rahul asks Jaan why he didn’t told him that Eijaz was about to save him. He says for Jasmin, Rubina is priority thus, he will not save her. Jaan loses his call on Eijaz.

Later, Jaan feels disgust as he is not anyone’s first priority. Aly pacify him. Jaan regret making friends at the house. Niki argue with Jaan. Ahead, Abhi talks with Eijaz; he says Jaan is using friendship rather he is the one because of which Nishant got evicted.

Day 9 PM; Aly says to Rahul he is feeling bad for Jaan. Here, Rubina and Jasmin discuss about Jaan. Later, Pavitra bursts on Jasmin after she heard later saying Pavitra fools all.

9:45 PM; Abhinav asks Rubina why she revealed to Jasmin that Pavitra committed her that she might have saved her. Rubina explains to Abhi. Abhi asks Rubina to play individually. He says she messed by revealing the task strategy to Jasmin.

10:15 PM; Aly asks Jaan to go and clear Eijaz ask they committed Rubina too.

Jaan confronts Eijaz and Pavitra. Pavitra says to Jaan he was the preference but Eijaz refuses that Pavitra said something. Pavitra asks Eijaz not to play game with her. Eijaz and Pavitra argue with each other.

Towards the end of the episode Bigg Boss says captain of the house is locked in the box and it will be interesting to wtach amid Jasmin and Kavita whose box will be uncovered tomorrow. (Episode Ends)