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Today’s episode opens with day 60 at 8 Am; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘allah duhai hai’ song.

8:30 AM; Eijaz asks Abhi to take blessing of finalist. Abhi says he was coming to him only. He suggests Abhi to play on front foot. Abhi says he will. Eijaz says he is playing good. Both talk with each other about Jamsin, Aly and Kavita.

10:15 AM; Kavita says to Eijaz that she shared an incident yesterday but few called it fake. She says she has lived a stressful life. Kavita gets teary while talking with Eijaz.

11AM; Eijaz asks Nikki if she is hungry and want to eat taunts. Nikki says she is not hungry. Jasmin asks Eijaz why suddenly he is joking. Eijaz says he is talking with Nikki.

12:15 AM; Jasmin says to Nikki that Eijaz was poking her. She says he became finalist thus carefree.

12:45 AM; Nikki asks Eijaz if he used to poke Jaan intentionally so that he gets fight with Nikki, Jasmin was telling her. Eijaz asks Nikki to talk with Jasmin only.

Eijazz, Jasmin and Nikki argue over the matter and try to clear upon it. Eijaz refuses Jasmin’s accusations.

At 3:30 PM; Bigg Boss talks about elimination. He says today main door will open for finale week first eviction. He explains a task, Eijaz being a finalist is not a part of the task. BB asks inmates to make a pair. Jasmin-Aly, Rubinav, Rahul-EIjaz; Nikki and Kavita make their team.

3:45 PM; Aly says to Jasmin if anything will happen he will go. Jasmin refuses to stay at house without him. Aly makes Jasmin understand.

4PM; Rubina explains the task rules to inmates. Contenders are ask to give answer to the tough questions to distract the questions. Pair have to count 37 minutes, one fails to count 37 will lose the task. Later, inmates discuss about the task strategy. 


5:45 PM; Bigg Boss says Kavita and Nikki is the first pair to sit with speaker. Rahul tries to distract Kavita and Nikki. Jasmin and Rubina come next and tries to distract Kavita. Abhinav and Aly showers their question on Kavita and Nikki.

6:15 PM; Kavita and Nikki says they counted fast. Rahul and Rubi predict Kavita and Nikki counting was under 30. Ahead, Aly and Jasmin sit on the speaker. Kavita and Nikki tries to distract Aly and Jasmin. Later, Rubina, Eijaz and Abhi too shower their question on Jasmin and Aly to distract them.

7:45 PM; Jasmin asks Abhi about her count. Abhi says she exceeded. Jasmin says it was 2 or 3 mins later. Rahul says to Jasmin that her count was exceeded. Jasmin says she was few mins before.

8 PM; Rubina and Abhi face the questions by Nikki, Kavita and Rahul. Nikki question Abhi over his divorce. Jasmin question Rubina.

8:45 PM; Rubina says all bored them. Nikki says to Rubinav they both are boring. Rubina, Abhinav argues with Nikki. Abhi asks Nikki why she picked up their personal issues.

9 PM; Eijaz and Rahul sits on the speaker. Nikki, Aly and Rubina try to distract both.

9:45 PM; Eijaz asks Rahul why he didn’t co-ordinated. Rahul says he told him. Eijaz says if he would have waited for 5 mins they would have been closer to 37.

11 PM; Bigg Boss talks about the performed task. He tells the result. Kavita-Kaushik- 31mins all claps for them. Jasmin-Aly- 57mins; Rubinav- 41mins; Rahul and Eijaz- 35mins pressed the buzzer. Aly and Jasmin loose the task. Bigg Boss asks the duo to discuss who amid the duo is ready to walk out from the house. Inmates get shocked. (Episode ends)