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Today’s episode starts with Day 48 at 11 PM; Rahul and Pavitra shares a talk with each other. Pavitra explains to Rahul about her fight with Eijaz. Pavitra says she hasn’t given a word to Rubina that she will save her. She says Eijaz called him biased. Rahul says Eijaz would have waited a little before taking out the box and would have proved him biased.

There, Jaan says he was expecting from Eijaz with a full right that he will save him. Meanwhile, Rubina and Aly shows the direction to Jamsin to move towards the washroom.

12:30 AM; Bigg Boss says task can continue over night so along with Rahul, Pavitra too will be the dictator of the task. Rahul and Pavitra discuss the task strategy.

1 AM; Nikki asks Jaan whom he is thinking will become the captain of the house. Jaan says he hopes Kavita becomes. Duo talk with each other.

1:30 AM; Jasmin says to Aly that Pavitra has poured insect in her box. Aly regrets saving Pavitra. Pavitra tries to spray on Jasmin, Aly defends her. Ahead, Jasmin and Pavitra argues with each other.

3:45 AMl Pavitra goes to Kavita and says being dictator she wants to see her. She opens the box and finds Kavita sleeping. Pavitra pours water on Kavita and asks her to wake up.

4:15 AM; Nikki reads the rule and says it is not cleared whether dictator can open the box or not. Aly says this is not right and opposes Pavitra checking Kavita by opening her box. Rahul and Pavitra both says dictator can do anything to distract the participant.

6:15 AM; Nikki says to Rahul that Rubina dominates her husband. She says they were literally fighting and she saw them. Rahul says Rubina don’t let Abhinav speak too.

Day 19 at 8 Am; Housemates wakes up at the beat of ‘Kamli’ song.

11:45 AM; Kavita says to Nikki she will not come out from the box easily. There, Rubina teach Eijaz cooking. Niki and Kavita discuss and say Eijaz is trying to befriend with Rubina and few others.

Ahead, Rahul ask Jasmin and Kavita till when they have planned to be inside. Jasmin says she will not come out because she deserves to be the captain because she doesn’t cry why she came to Bigg Boss. Kavita says Jasmin is obsessed with her. Verbal argument happens between Kavita and Jasmin. Kavita concludes and says to Rahul no one amid they both is going to come out from the box till next season.

3:15 PM; Rahul asks Kavita and Jasmin to make a deal and come out from the box. Both the girls refuse to come out. Further, Rahul accuse Pavitra for opening Kavita’s box. Verbal argument happen Rahul and Pavitra.

3:30 PM; Rubina shares a talk with Abhi and says they should gear up the task by trying to make it interesting by grouping all and trying to resolve Kavita’s issue with inmates, so that she comes out. Abhi about to talk with Kavita but Rubina stops him. She says to Abhi let her first talk with inmates and if they will agree than they should go and talk with her.

3:45 PM; Rubina talks with Eijaz and asks if he is agree to resolve his issue with Pavitra. Eijaz asks Rubi not to talk with Kavita on his behalf. He adds and asks Rubi to let Kavita play her game.

Later, Abhi refuses to support Rubina for collecting inmates and go and talk with Kavita. Abhi and Rubina argue with each other. Nikki asks Abhi who is her priority. Abhi takes Jasmin’s name. Nikki says she wants Kavita to become captain.

6:45 PM; Jasmin cries learning Rahul’s decision. Rubina, Abhi and Aly console her. Aly goes to Rahul and says if his decision was clear than why he didn’t told her at that time, as her effort got wasted. Rahul tries to explain but Aly refuses to listen him. Here, Abhi asks Rubina not to interrupt in Aly and Jasmin’s decision. Rubina oppose, Abhi gets irked with her.

There, Aly distract Kavita. Aly expose Pavitra for abusing Gauhar Khan. He accuse her for back bitching about Gauhar but was pretending good in front of Gauhar. Verbal argument happens between Aly and Gauhar.

Day 49 at 7:45 PM; Bigg Boss says task ran for more than 24 hrs and now it is time to get over from the task as none is distracting Kavita and Jasmin. He asks Rahul to tell the decision who should be the captain. Rahul declares Kavita as the captain of the house. Everyone claps and praise for both Jasmin and Kavita.

8:15 PM; Aly gets upset with Rahul’s decision. Abhi and Rubi makes Aly understand that in the house everyone has to fight for their right. Kavita thanks Bigg Boss for giving her a chance to prove herself by doing solo performance. Jasmin, Aly, Rubina and Abhinav discuss with each other about the task.

8:30 PM; Kavita thanks Rahul for being fair in the task.

11:30 PM; Rubina reads the rule of ‘Mama Earth Hair Oil’ Goodness wali chumpy task. Team A Eijaz, Rahul, Pavita and Nikki. In second team; Rubina, Abhi, Jasmin and Jaan. Kavita becomes the dictator of the task. Task start with Eijaz and Jasmin. Eijaz’s team wins the task. Loser team does the chumpi of the other team. Episode ends with Jaan proposing Niki with a sigal and Nikki avoiding him.