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Today’s episode opens with Bigg Boss saying he feels trio won’t be able to come to any conclusion thus he wants Sid, Hina and Gauhar to explain with a reason which team they feel has lost. Gauhar starts first and says in her team only 2 players can attack that rule was kept. She explains her side. Bigg Boss says to Gauhar that she is accusing rule book. Sid interrupts. Bigg Boss asks Sid to keep quiet. Ahead, Gauhar explains the task and says she feels Sid team lost according to her.

Sid says according to him Gauhar’s team loose and explains his side story to him. Bigg Boss asks Sid to clearly tell which team according to him loose. Sid says his team presses the buzzer first. Further, Hina gets a chance to explain. She also says team Siddharth loose according to her. BB asks trio to go out. Sid says if he has to take a decision based on mutual understanding than why he called him.

There, Deol explains to inmates whatever he heard about seniors argument.

Day 18 at 3:30 PM; Gauhar asks her team mates not to be sad if they will go today. Sid asks his teammates not to cry and take sympathy. Pavitra says no. Nikki cries and Gauhar console her. Bigg Boss says based on maximum vote he concludes Sid team losses today. Because of which Siddharth’s team game over. BB says Nikki is confirmed contestant so apart from her, Eijaz, Pavitra, Deol and Sid should walk out from the house. Sid cheers Nikki before leaving. Pavitra, Eijaz meets inmates and leaves the house. Jaan cries for Eijaz and Pavitra. Sid says he is proud of his team.

Nikki cries loudly post Eijaz, Sid and Pavitra leaves. Gauhar console her and says every week they have to face this phase.

4 PM; Hina and Gauhar says it is accused two team has overruled the rule. Hina says yes. Here, Nikki talks with Jaan and says Nishant flip. Nikki gets angry on him.

4:15 PM; Bigg Boss thanks Gauhar and Hina too. He praises the duo for guiding the freshers. He asks both to meet housemates and walk out from the house. Jaan cries loudly for Hina and Gauhar. Nikki, Jasmin, Rahul, Rubina, Abhi and Nishant get teary for Hina and Gauhar. Hina and Gauhar thanks Bigg Boss and leaves the house.

Post Hina and Gauhar leaves, housemates talk with each other.

Later, emergency buzzer rings at the house. Few people in PPT kit enter the house. Inmates panic hearing the buzzer. They think Pavitra and Eijaz are sitting other side. Rubina says it is not Pavitra. Ahead, Pavitra and Eijaz unveil themselves. Jaan, Nikki and others get happy.

Bigg Boss says they are meeting the new zone of the house which is red zone.

6:15 PM; Eijaz asks Jaan to tell what happened post they leave. Jaan says Jasmin and Rahul cries for them. Pavitra says why to fake crying after they gang up and throw her out. Further, Jaan talks with Nikki, Rahul and Nishant what Pavitra says to him. Nishant says they are in the game and doing fair.

Later, Rahul asks Nikki why she is upset. Nikki says when Sid says she is running the show than all were making faces. Rahul defends and Nishant support him.

Heated argument happens between Rahul and Nikki. Nikki asks Rahul to be daring enough to say on face not at the back.

Here, Jamsin says to Rubi post Pavitra left, Nikki felt alone and apologizes her. She adds post Pavitra came back she flipped again. There, Nishant and Rahul talks with each other and says Pavitra and Eijaz will create scene no and will initiate fight.

Later, Jasmin and Rubina says Nikki should perform her duty because all are now a confirmed contestants. Nikki refuses to perform the duty. Jaan says he will bring Nikki to clean utensil. Nikki refuses to her too.

8:30 PM; Jasmin, Rubi and Abhi laughs at Nikki for touching Gauahr’s foot.

9 PM; Nikki tells to Pavitra and Eijaz that Jasmin, Rubi and Abhi has ganged up. They mock Rahul for crying

Day 19 8 AM; Housemates dance at energetic song.

12:30 PM; Eijaz tells to Nikki that he don’t deserve to be here. He says decision was based on mutual vote which is wrong.

1:30 PM; Rahul asks Nikki she back bitches for whom. Nikki says for all and shares with only Jaan. Duo talks with each other.

3:45 PM; Rahul reads about the ‘captaincy task’. Contestants are asked to rescue dolls from doll house. Total 5 rounds will happens

4 PM; Abhi and Rahul discuss about the task. Abhi and Jasmin go inside the doll house. Jaan, Rubi and Nikki ask them not to enter the task area before buzzer rings.

4:15 PM; Jaan, Nikki and Nishant discuss about the task strategy. Nishant says captain should be amid the 4. He looks for Rahul

4:30 PM; Jasmin asks Nishant if he will take out her. Nishant asks Jasmin to asks Rubi to do for her. Rubi comes and says to Jasmin and Nishant that captain should be from their team.

Nikki complaints to Eijaz and Pavitra that Jasmin and Abhi went inside the doll house. Pavitra asks Nikki to go inside too. EIjaz stops him and says he wasn’t there then they entered but now they can’t. Other side, Rubina, Abhi, Nishant, Jaan and Jasmin plots against Nikki and Rahul.

5 PM; Jasmin and Abhi sit and Eijaz asks why they entered the doll house before buzzer. Jasmin says Eijaz if he wants can disqualify her.

5:15 PM; Inmates discuss about the task strategy. Eijaz refuses to help Nikki. Ahead, buzzer rings, participants takes their position.

5:30 Buzzer re-rings, Inmates picks the doll. Eijaz says Rubi came out last. Pavitra says for her it is Abhinav. Eijaz and Pavitra argue over who came last.  Both get adamant who came last amid Rubi and Abhinav.

5:45 PM; Eijaz says to Pavitra they have to come to a conclusion. Pavitra says for her it’s Abhi and playing fair. Eijaz and Pavitra argue with each other. Heated argument happens between the duos. Rahul says Pavitra has a soft corner for Abhi thus she is doing drama. Episode ends with Pavitra and Eijaz stay firm with their own decision.