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Today’s episode opens with day 51 at 11:15 AM; Jasmin talks with Abhi. She tells to Abhi about the performed task. Abhi says to Jasmin that he will not make any more friends in the house apart from her. Jasmin asks Abhi and Rubina to play individual games. There, Eijaz and Aly shares a talk with each other.

1 PM; Nikki and Pavitra shares a talk. Eijaz says she don’t keep two faces like Eijaz Khan.

1:45 PM; Kavita shares a talk with Pavitra and Nikki. She says her personality, attitude and style made her buy house and bike outside. Pavitra goes. Nikki and Kavita decide not to welcome Pavitra in the group. But is they feel she is beneficial than they will support her. Later, Pavitra shares with Kavita and says she miss her Ex.

5:15 PM: Kavita says to Nikki and Pavitra; Aly said Eijaz is sick. She says Aly is portraying Eijaz weak on National TV. There, Rubina see Kavita and her group and shows to Jasmin. Jasmin says each week their friendship changes.

Late that night; Eijaz steal coffee from Niki’s  table. Rahul and Aly supports him.

1:15 AM; Eijaz eats egg and discuss about eating eggs in a day with Aly and Rahul.

Day 52 at 8 AM; inmate’s wakes up at the beat of energetic song.

8:45 AM; Jasmin shares a talk with Abhi. She tells to Abhi that all pokes him because they can’t digest his understating with Rubina.

9:15 AM; Kavita says to Nikki, Abhinav suddenly stopped talking with her and she don’t know why.

Later, Bigg Boss calls Rubina and asks she got immunity stone and if she wants to use it for against this week nomination. Rubina thinks and says she don’t want to use it for this nomination and will wait for the right time. There, inmates get excited seeing Nomination task setup.

Further, Bigg Boss announces and says Kavita is saved from this week nomination because she is the captain of the house. Ahead, he quotes Rubina is nominated contestant so far because she refused to use her immunity stone. He asks Eijaz to read the nomination task rule. Eijaz reads the rule of the task.

Eijaz says to Abhi if he will save Rahul than he will save him. He says he don’t want to get nominated this week. Abhi says he is clear he wants to nominate Rahul. Eijaz asks he does not understand why Rahul is adamant to nominate him for Abhi’s sake. Rahul says he is stick to his decision if he will go he will take Abhi and Eijaz too. Later, Rubina asks Abhi why he is disclosing his plans. Abhi says this is his style. Later, Abhi says to Eijaz he can’t see Rahul disrespecting his wife in front of him thus he will nominate Rahul at any cost. Eijaz tells the same thing to Rahul.

4:15 PM; Eijaz asks Rubina to convince Abhi because Abhi’s reason is not worth it as for her self-respect he is fighting. He asks Rubi to take a stand for herself. Rubi goes to Abhi and discuss about the task strategy. Abhi gets adamant to nominate Rahul.

4:30 Buzzer ring; Pavitra goes to the red box first. Pavitra nominates Jasmin.

 4:45 PM; Eijaz asks Abhi not to nominate Rahul for Rubina because it not a valid reason. Abhi sticks to his decision. Here, Kavita says to Nikki, if she gets an opportunity to save anyone than don’t react on her decision. Rahul too gets adamant to nominate Eijaz.

5 PM; Buzzer rings; Rahul Vadiya nominates Eijaz. Verbal argument happens between Eijaz and Rahul. Kavita tries to convince Eijaz to go inside red box. Eijaz refuses to nominate Abhi. Kavita assures Eijaz that if she will get an opportunity to save one, than she will save him if only he goes inside the red box. Eijaz asks Kavita to inform Abhi. Kavita tells to Abhi.

6 PM; Abhi goes and nominates Rahul. He says Rahul disrespected Rubi thus he wants to nominate Rahul.

6:30 PM; Rubina nominates Pavitra. Later, Eijaz says to Aly Kavita has given him the words. Aly and Eijaz again confronts Kavita. Kavita sticks to her words for saving Eijaz.

7:30 PM; Aly goes and nominates Rubina. Lastly, Eijaz nominated Abhinav. Aly and Nikki gets saved from the nomination. Jasmin, Eijaz, Pavitra, Abhinav, Rubina and Rahul get nominated for the week. Kavita gets an opportunity to save one by nominating one amid Aly and Nikki. Kavita nominates Aly saving Eijaz.

8:15 PM; Kavita asks Nikki if Rahul too was mocking her. Nikki says he was the first to ask Aly to go. She praises Kavita for keeping her words.

8:30 PM; Kavita confronts Rahul for asking all to leave the place while she was speaking. Verbal argument happens between Rahul and Kavita.

9:30 PM; Nikki says Kavita that Eijaz is playing smart. Kavita says Eijaz is passionate for the game and can do anything for it. There, Aly, Rubi, Jasmin and Abhi discuss about Kavita. Afterwards, Abhi and Aly takes the Fizz bottle hiding from Kavita. Rubi and Jasmiin support them. Four of them gangs up against Kavita.  

Other side, Kavita asks Eijaz to tell her if he is not well. She says she is captain and the inmate too. Jasmin congratulate Eijaz post seeing Kavita’s concern. She calls her fake.

12:30 PM; Aly says to Jasmin that Kavita is World’s fake lady. (Episode ends)