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Today’s episode starts with Jaan asking Nikki to come out. Nishant says for small thing there is no need to break the friendship as they can talk and sort. Nikki refuses to come out. Pavitra says she expected from Nishant, Jaan and Rahul but trio back stab them. Nikki says she expected thus she deserves a punishment.

Here, Rubina says to Jasmin, Nikki is doing drama to get Nishant’s attention. Meanwhile, Pavitra tries to sort the problem between Nishant, Jaan and Nikii. Nishant says she expected from them and they too as well, so why she can’t support them once. Jaan comes out from red zone.

Rubina suggests to Nishant and says he has an authority and can punish Nikki for staying at red zone. She says he can set an example for all by punishing her. Nishant says he will first try to convince her than he will lock her stuff at BB MALL.

Later, Nishant says to Nikki if she will not come out from red zone than he will lock her stuff at BB Mall and will also punish Eijaz and Pavirta. Nikki gets ready to take the punishment. Pavitra and Eijaz defend. Nishant asks Eijaz and Pavitra to convince or do whatever they want but when he has to decide their future than he will consider this moment.

Abhinav help Nishant to carry Nikki’s stuff BB Mall. Jaan asks Nishant who gave him this idea. Nishant says it was his call. There, Rahul goes to Pavitra, Nikki and Eijaz. They share a talk with each other.

Other side, Jaan gets angry at Nishant by getting influenced and taking decision of locking Nikki’s stuff.

Here, Rubi, Abhi and Jasmin talks about Jaan. Rubi asks both never to trust Jaan. Nishant goes to Nikki again and asks her to come out. Nikki refuses again. Nishant says Pavitra and Eijaz future is in his hand and he will consider the moment. Pavitra gets angry and says to Nishant, he can’t decide her future.

When Nikki refuses to come out; Nishant asks Bigg Boss to call him to the conference room. Abhi asks Rubi not to instigate Nishant anymore now.

12 AM; Jaan asks Nikki what wrong in it when all thought about themselves. Nikki says then why all flipped later.

12:30 AM; Late at night, Nikki decides to talk with Nishant. Nishant and Nikki share a talk and clear their misunderstanding.

1 AM; Nishant, Rahul and Nikki talks with each other. Jaan walks out because of his tiff with Rahul. He gets angry with Nikki for sharing a talk with Rahul.

Afterwards, Rahul sort his problem with Jaan. Jaan, Niki, Nishant and Rahul spend time with each other.

Day 20; 8 AM; housemates wakes up at the beat of ‘Radha on the dance floor’ song.

9:15 AM; Abhi and Rubi comes to Pavitra. Rubinav tells to Pavitra that Nikki, Nishant, Rahul and Jaan has reunited. Pavitra says all are hiding behind mask.

There, Nishant says duties will be continued. Rahul says they wanted one from their group to be the captain so that they get quiet a privilege too. Nishant says he can’t do that. Jaan says they have to make Nishant’s captaincy successful.

10 AM; Jaan decides to discuss about Nomination. Nishant says they can’t do this. Jaan says among friends they can. Jaan, Nikki and Nishant discuss about the nomination. Jaan decides to nominate Rubi and Abhi.

12 PM; Nishant discuss with Jaan. He says from red zone whom he will welcome this side, he don’t know. But he decides to send Rahul to the red zone. Jaan agree with him.

12:15 PM; Niki asks Nishant to bring her stuff from BB Mall. Nishant asks Jaan to help Nikki. Jaan refuses. Nishant and Abhi bring Nikki’s stuff.

Later, an alarm ring, Pavitra is shown. Niki asks Nishant to go and check who is sleeping. Nishant accuses Pavitra. Pavitra defends herself.

2:45 PM; Nishant, Rahul, Nikki and Jaan shares a talk with each other. Nishant says during nomination they are going to nominate Rahul. He adds they don’t trust him. Rahul says he is disappointed hearing them. Abhi, Jasmin and Rubina thinks discussing nomination is against the rule and BB should intervene. Ahead, Rahul tells to Pavitra that Jaan, Nikki and Nishant feels he cheated them. Rahul regrets being with them

6 PM; Rahul tries to talk with Nikki. Nikki refuses to listen to him. She asks Rahul to play on front foot. Nikki reveals Rahul used to send her messages on instagram and messenger.

6:30 PM; Bigg Boss announces Nishant failed to show leadership quality because they found him listening to others and taking no decision by his own. He adds they also found Nishant is taking the privileges for granted and most punishable thing he did was discussing about nomination with Jaan and Nikki. Nishant says he didn’t discuss the nomination. Bigg Boss continues Nishant is not able to take the responsibility of captain.

Bigg Boss takes captaincy from Nishant and asks him to take out his stuffs from captain room. Nishant apologizes to Bigg Boss.

Later, Abhi, Rubi and Jasmin cheers up Nishant.

7:15 PM; Abhi talks with Rubi how Nikki didn’t told Nishant he can’t work. Rubi says they backstab Nishant and their motive is fulfilled. Abhi says discussing about Nomination was wrong due to which he got punished. Abhi and Jasmin try to make Nishant understand; Nikki and Jaan could have alerted him but they didn’t do it.

8:30 PM; Pavitra tells to Abhi that it’s buzzing he is her crush. Abhi claps. Pavitra says Rahul is spreading the news. She confronts Rahul. Rahul replies she herself keeps saying that. Pavitra gets angry at Rahul for questioning her character. Ugly argument happens between Rahul and Pavitra. Rahul use bad words. Nishant asks Rahul to control his language. Afterwards, Pavitra cries and Rubina console her. Abhi, Jaan and Nishant pacify her too. Rahul speaks on camera and says Pavitra is taking sympathy.

All goes against Rahul and inmates support Pavitra. Rahul is left alone.

9 PM; Nikki says to Nishant and Jaan that Rahul talks bad about each one.

Day 21 8:54 AM; Nishant, Jaan and Nikki restarts talking with Rahul. Abhi, Jasmin and Pavitra feels disgusted with them

Ahead, Jasmin says chapattis are left out and asks everyone to eat them before fresh one. Rahul refuses to eat. Rubina and Jasmin gets angry at Rahul for being VIP by not eating left over rotis. Rahul defends himself.

Later, Nikki says to Rahul that he is not playing on front foot. Rahul says it is her point of view.

9:15 PM; Rubina reads about ‘Navratri Celebration’ task. Rubina, Nikki, Jaan and Abhi are asked to perform a task. Left participants will decide who is the winner.

9:30 PM; Rubina and Nikki starts the task. Rubina instruct Abhi how to do the facial. Nikki instruct to Jaan.

Later, Rahul shoots the video of Rubina and Nikki.

11:45 PMl Participants sees the video of Rubina and Nikki. Bigg Boss asks Rahul, Nishant and Jasmin to take the decision. Nikki wins the task post Jasmin and Rahul supports her.

12 PM; BB asks Nikki to decide which 2 contestants she don’t want to see at the celebration. Nikki takes Abhi and Rubi’s name. Bigg Boss asks the left over contestants to get ready including Eijaz and Pavitra. Episode ends with Pavitra crying.