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Today’s episode opens with Day 52 at 1 AM; Pavitra says good night to Eijaz. She asks Pavitra if he has heated the pan. Eijaz says no. Pavitra refuses to believe him.

Day 53 at 8 AM; inmates wakes up at ‘bacch ke rehne re baba’ song.

8:30 AM; Pavitra gathers inmates and tells them someone left the pan heated late night. Rubina, Nikki, Aly and others says they saw black shadow. Abhinav says something is there may be some energy. Jasmin talks with Abhinav and says she feels disgusted seeing Pavitra and Kavita both.


9:15 AM; Aly acts like Kavita and Abhi laughs. Other side, Kavita and Nikki shares a talk with each other about the happened nomination task.

9:45 AM; Abhi talks with Eijaz. Eijaz says he deserved to be saved and played my card. Abhi refuses. Kavita praises Eijaz for taking captain’s help and getting saved from the nomination.

10:15 AM; Jasmin says girls toilet is clean. Eijaz asks Jasmin not to always comment bad for boys. Eijaz gets irked with Jasmin’s attitude.

1:30 PM; Rubina shares a talk with Abhi and says Pavitra has gone silent. Abhi and Rubina shares their point of view over nomination task and keeps different views with each other.

2:30 PM; Kavita says to Nikki she is seeing Eijaz is passionate about the game thus, she is feeling good for him.

3:45 PM; Jasmin says to Aly that now onwards which ever task will happen they both will play for themselves and among themselves. Aly agree with Jasmin.

4 PM; Bigg Boss says sometimes mistake happen unintentionally. But if it is done intentionally than the person is breaking the rule and comes under stealing the thing. He says now it is high time to teach inmates punctuality. Bigg Boss gives Kavita an opportunity to teach punctuality lesson to the contender she feels like. As a punishment she can seize personal stuff of that person. And if Kavita gets success in teaching the lesson to the person than she will become captain once more else she will be out from the next captaincy task.

Ahead, Nikki tells to Kavita that Aly has given chocolate to Pavitra from luxury budget. Kavita took Aly’s stuff and put it in bin. Aly defends and argue with Kavita.

4:45 PM; Aly talks with Eijaz, Jasmin and Niki and says he will only give his stuff once she will prove it. Kavita says to Aly that she learned from someone that he has given chocolate to Pavitra. Jasmin interrupts and Kavita gets offended. Nikki shouts and says Aly has also given shirt to Jaan from BB Mall. Kavita says she herself has seen that too. Aly defends himself. Kavita calls Aly goon and says she is his father. Aly gets angry on Kavita and says how she is taking his father’s name. He pushed chair and bin angrily. Aly alerts Kavita not to drag his father. Abhi and Jasmin say to Aly that Kavita is provoking him. There, Kavita on camera says Aly hurted him and now whether he will stay or she will.

Aly decides and says he will make Kavita’s life hell in the house. Later, Abhi decides with Aly, Jasmin and Rubi they will not perform their duty. Kavita asks BB to take an action on Aly’s behavior towards her. Verbal argument happens between Kavita and Aly.

Inmates try to convince Kavita that she misunderstood Aly’s reaction post she dragged his father’s name. Rubina says the same and Kavita argues with her too. Kavita sticks to her words and asks BB to take an action else she will not continue the task.

5:45 PM; Rubi asks Abhi to go and make Kavita understand she is doing wrong. Abhi got angry on Rubi for going and showing concern to Kavita. Rubi and Abhi argue with each other. Rahul, Aly and Jasmin hear Rubinav argument.

6 PM; Nikki tries to convince Kavita and says she was not wrong. Kavita breaks down and says she wants to go home. Nikki console Kavita.

6:15PM; Jamsin, Rubi and Aly talks with each other about Kavita.

6:30 PM; Bigg Boss interrupts and says Aly did wrong by damaging BB property. He warns Aly for his behaviour. Bigg Boss as a punishment he is nomination, ALy for next week. He asks Kavita to continue her task. ALy apologize to BB.

7 PM; Jasmin and Rahul shares a talk with each other.

Kavita asks Eijaz if he can help her by telling if other mates have used luxury budget task items. Eijaz thinks. Ahead, Kavita throws Aly’s shoes in the trash bin. ALy asks Kavita to tell the reason. Kavita refuses to. Jasmin brings back ALy’s shoe and keeps it back. Aly and Jamsin both blocks Kavita’s way. There, Abhi downs the bin and sits on it. Kavita claps for Abhinav. Jasmin and Kavita argue with each other. She copies Kavita.

8 PM; Task gets over. Jasmin calls Kavita partial. Aly tries to clear his misunderstanding with Kavita. Further, Kavita accuse Abhi for disturbing BB property. Abhi says nowhere it is written that they can’t interrupt the task. Kavita leaves the place. Abhi says to Jasmin and Rubi to do argument like him thus, she will go.

Later, Kavita and Aly tries to clear their misunderstanding. Eijaz says to Rubi Kavita flipped.

Day 53; 9:45 PM; Bigg Boss praises Kavita for her effort. He says but she fails to complete the task thus, she is out from next captaincy task. Bigg boss next says Jasmin interrupted the task and now she can either sacrifice her stuffs for saving ALy’s stuffs. Jasmin gets agree to sacrifice ALy’s shoe. Bigg Boss also punished Abhinav for interrupting the task and asks him to send all his personal stuffs to the stove reason. Nikki gets happy. Rahul asks Nikki to show some humanity. ALy says to Abhi to use his stuffs.

Rahul and Kavita argues with each other. Further, Eijaz tells to Aly, Jasmin, Abhi and Rubi that Pavita sensed some energy. She says someone hit her. Towards the end of the episode Rubi accuse Abhi for interrupting the task. She asks him to use his brain.