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Today’s episode opens with both the team arguing with each other.

10:15 PM; Nikki says she will sleep in the bedroom only. She says she doesn’t care for anyone and she is sorry if anyone’s sleep is disturbed. Ahead, Eijaz gives Nikki’s quilt. Pavitra, Abhi and Rubina oppose Eijaz’s decision. Eijaz says he found her shivering thus gave her. Pavitra says she is not using the blanket even.

11:30 PM; Nikki and Kavita discuss each other about the task. She asks Kavita if she is going to play fair or not. Kavita says she can’t tell it now as it is a stupid question.

Later, Abhi give blanket to Jasmin, Nikki and Aly. Jasmin asks Abhi to give pillow to Aly. Abhi refuses. Aly says tomorrow he will give either tea or chapatti to them.

Further, Eijaz checks Nikki’s temperature and says to Abhi that he is taking her inside. Pavitra and Abhi both oppose and say if she will come all will ask the same. Eijaz don’t listen to any and calls Nikki inside the bedroom. Abhi argues with Eijaz because of his sudden decision. Abhi says Eijaz wants to be in everyone’s good book thus, call Nikki inside. Rahul says Eijaz always look for an opportunity. Eijaz and Rahul argue with each other.

1 AM; Nikki collects her make-up stuffs. Abhi and Rubi ask Nikki she can’t take make-up stuffs because they took her inside bedroom for medical reason. Nikki opposes Rubinav. Abhi and Rubi ask Eijaz to deal with Nikki now. Verbal argument happens between Nikki and Abhi. Eijaz asks Nikki not collect make-up stuffs. Abhi comes to Jamsin’s group and asks them to call out Nikki.  Jasmin, Aly and Rahul say to ABhi that they called Nikki inside. Abhi enters kitchen area, Jasmin and Aly stops him from making tea.

Abhi asks Jasmin to remember what she is doing. Jasmin says yes. Later, Team Rubina struggles to take out Nikki. Kavita pleads Nikki too but Nikki gets adamant to stay back in bedroom area only.

Day 55 at 8 AM; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘nachle’s song.

Later, that day Rubina, Abhi and Eijaz don’t allow Nikki to come out from the bedroom area. Aly and Jasmin decides to somehow manage to bring Nikki out. Verbal argument happens between Rubina and Jasmin.

9:15 AM; Abhi asks Rubi why she was talking to Rahul. He gets angry on Rubina. Ahead, Nikki asks Team Rubina to keep her stuffs back else she will destroy their things. Nikki destroys BB property and breaks the cloth container.

Day 55 9:30 AM; Eijaz feels guilty for taking Nikki inside. Abhi alerts Rubina not to taunt Eijaz anymore because he apologized. Ahead, Rubina says she is disappointed with Jamsin. Jasmin come and asks Team Rubina if they need tea. Abhi and Pavitra ask for tea. Jamsin asks Rubina if she wants anything. Rubi says no. Abhi and Rubi argue post Abhi support Jasmin over Rubina. Argument continues in the house amid inmates. Rubina asks Abhi not to support Jamsin in front of her.

Abhi complaints to Jasmin for giving just four parathas for 4 peoples. Jasmin defends herself. Aly asks Abhinav not to emotionally blackmail them. There, Abhi asks Rubi to use her brain.

10:30 AM; Abhi asks Rubina to have food. Rubi refuses. Eijaz tries to talk with Rubina. Rubina gets adamant not to have food. Eijaz asks Abhi, Rubina and Pavitra to restart. Four of them discuss about Jamsin and Aly’s behaviour.

1:30 PM; Eijaz discuss with Rubina and Abhi to keep their point of view over bathroom area. Here, Jasmin says to Aly they saw real colors. Aly says to Jasmin she is Rubina’s puppet. Jamsin decides not to get attached with anyone now.

3PM; Abhi asks Rubi to have food. Rubi gets adamant not to have food. Abhi asks Rubi to have food as other team is inhuman.

3:45 PM; Rubina complaints to Kavita and tells her that Team Jasmin didn’t gave sufficient food to their team. Kavita decides to confront Jasmin. Jasmin goes to Abhinav to clear the issue. Abhi refuses to do argument with Jasmin. Jasmin goes to Kavita and says they are just creating issue. She says Rubi is blaming.

Afterwards, Jasmin goes to Rubina and says she understood now what all were asking her to learn every weekend. She says to Rubi, she is not interested in talking with her.

Towards the end of the episode Jasmin said she is not guilty for whatever she has served to the other team.