Today’s episode opens with Day 23, At 9:15 AM; Kavita speaks on camera and asks Bigg Boss did he never interrupted inmates to do cleaning. She decides being a captain she has to make participants to do cleaning.

9:30 AMl Kavita shares talks with Eijaz about his fight with Pavitra. She says his fight could have turned romantic turn. Eijaz tells to Kavita, Pavitra first nominated him and pampered her later. Eijaz asks Kavita not to irk him with her name.

10:30 AM: Kavita announces and says let first decide upon duties. Abhi, Jasmin and Rubi says yes to cook. Eijaz says living room duty is easy. Nikki defends and says it is not at all easy. Jaan too refuses to take living room duty.

1:45 PM; Bigg boss announce at smoking room two person is not allowed. Kavita rushes to check who is there and fins Shardul.

Kavita argue with Shardul for breaking the rule. Shardul defends himself and says he did not know the rule. Kavita asks him to read the rule book. Shardul argues with Kavita and says she is not bigg boss. Kavita says she is captain of the house. Pavitra argues with Kavita.

2 PM; Kavita says all will speak in English. She further reads smoking area rule.

She asks Shardul to hear careful. Shardul says Pavitra didn’t call her. Kavita asks Shardul to apologize.

2:30 PM; Kavita asks inmates violence is not allowed and she will not let anyone to do violence. She asks all to support the decision. All agrees with her.

3:45 pm; Nikki complaints to Kavita that bed room duty is of Rubina and she is not doing her duty. She adds she heard Rubi saying she will do bedroom duty on alternate day.

4:30 PM; Rubi asks Kavita to ignore Nikki as she is fetching attention by highlighting she is not doing the duty. Here, Pavitra shares to Nikki and says Kavita is unnecessary pricking her to take footage but she will not let her.

5 PM; Abhi asks Nikki to give double sheet. Nikki refuses to give. Abhi says now he will trouble her badly.

Later, Nikki asks Rubi to clean bed room. Rubi asks her not tell about her duty. Kavita asks Nikki to stand firm on her decision and go and talk with Rubi directly. Rubi refuses to listen Nikki. Kavita tries to fix things between Rubi and Nikki.

8:30 PM; Abhi talks with Jaan. He asks to ignore Nikki for time being and post BB to fix things with her if he wants.

Day 24 at 8 AM; housemates wakes up at beat of ‘muqabala song’. Ahead, Kavita asks Jaan to sort his problem with Nikki. Jaan asks her to give tips. He goes to Nikki and asks her why she raised question on his friendship. Nikki says to Jaan she wants to play individual.

Later, Jasmin, Abhi tells to Kavita about inmates wasting food. Rahul complaints to Kavita that Jasmin and Abhi use extra ration. Rubi, Jasmin argues with Rahul.

10:30 AM; Nikki tells to Rahul, Jaan was asking her Rahul too ditched him but why she is with her. Rahul asks Nikki to jealous Jaan and tell to him that she is his crush. Further, Jaan tries to sort with Nikki. Nikki asks Jaan to play individual. She adds she wants only Rahul with her.

2:30 PM; Niki asks Jaan to stop smoking. Jaan asks why she is getting affected. Nikki says she just alerted him. Here, Rubi and Nishant talks about Jaan and says it is a waste to make him understand. There, Nikki asks Jaan to play individually and later they will talk.

3:45 PM; Nikki tells to Rahul that she fully tricked Jaan and praise him. Rahul enjoys hearing Nikki. Niki says she is irked with Jaan.

4:15 PM; Bigg Boss reads the rule about ‘nomination task’. He asks participants to nominate two people at a time. Kavita is saved from the nomination because she is captain. Task starts with Rubina. Rubina nominates Rahul and Nikki. Jasmin nominates Rahul and Jaan. Jaan nominates Rahul and Nikki too. Shardul nominates Nishant and Rubina. He says Rubi is tough competition thus he is nominating him. Rahul nominates Rubina and Jaan. While, nominating Jaan he says he hates nepotism. Rubi laughs and says to Jaan he is here because of his father. Inmates support Jaan. Pavitra too says to Rahul he should not have used the word ‘nepotism’. Rahul asks Pavitra not to interrupt in his matter. Nishant supports Jaan and says he is here because of his own individuality. Rahul argues with him too.

Jaan defends himself and says he is fortunate because of Kumar Sanu is his father. Next, Nishant nominates Nikki and Rahul too. Nikki nominates Nishant and says he is not playing individually and calls her donkey. Nishant asks her to mind her language.

She further nominates Abhi. Later, Abhi nominates Nikki. Jasmin, Rubi and Nishant claps. He also nominates Rahul for quoting ‘nepotism’ and fighting upon food. Naina nominates Nikki and Jaan.

5 PM; Bigg Boss announce and asks Eijaz and Pavitra to decide mutually and tell whom they want to nominate because they have only one vote. Pavitra votes for Rahul. Eijaz takes Rubi and Abhi’s name. Pavitra gets adamant to nominate Rahul because of ‘nepotism’. Eijaz and Pavitra argue with each other. Kavita asks both to decide mutually fast. Later, both agree upon nominating Rahul.

Bigg Boss announces; Rahul, Nikki, Jaan, Pavitra and Eijaz are nominated. He gives Kavita an authority to safe one contestant from the nomination. Kavita saves Eijaz. He asks Rahul, Nikki and Jaan to go to red zone.

Pavitra gets teary and decides to give it back to Kavita as she quoted she keeps people like her outside her home.

Kavita asks Pavitra not to be sad as she feel she will come out soon.

Episode ends with Rahul, Nikki and Jaan shifting to red zone area.