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Today’s episode opens with Day 55 at 4:15; Abhi says to Aly Jasmin said they didn’t gave them pillow thus, she cut-off food. Aly defends Jasmin. Rubina and Aly with each other.

There, Jasmin says Rubi has lost it and it is disgusting. Ahead, Jasmin says to Rubina she don’t want to talk with her. Rubina asks not to back bitch about her and talk on her face. Jasmin says Rubina ate parathas and Abhinav confronted it. Rubina calls Abhinav and says he told him Rubina had parathas. Abhi comes and says to Jasmin he is put-off from her and never expected the same. Jasmin says she is feeling the same.

5 PM; Bigg Boss says next issue will be discussed for bathroom area. Jasmin, Aly discuss about the task strategy and says they will raise hygiene topic. Nikki supports them.

5:15 PM; Kavita calls Rubina and Jasmin. Rubina speaks first. She talks about hygiene and puts her point that Eijaz has always been fair in cleaning the washroom. She also says Nikki broke the rule by destroying the BB property. Jasmin defends and keeps the point that Eijaz pees on toilet sheet thus, as per hygiene this is wrong thus, bathroom they should get. Eijaz speaks  and says Rahul don’t know any work thus he cleans only bathrooms.

Rubina and Jasmin face-off happens to overtake bathroom area. Buzzer rings and tasks get over. Kavita makes Team Jasmin win.

6:15 PM; Rubina says post this task things will get changed. Abhi says he already predicted the same post reading the task rules. Both talk with each other.

6:30 PM; Bigg Boss says Task Batwara is over. He asks Kavita to bring the certificate from store room. BB asks Kavita to write the name of the winning team and give it to them. Team Jasmin wins the task. BB congratulates Team Jasmin.

7:30 pm; Abhi talks with Kavita and says she judged him that he don’t consider her him friend. Kavita and Abhi tries to clear their misunderstanding.

9PM; Eijaz says to Pavitra she is not going this week. Pavitra says she got attached to the house. Kavita sees them and talks with Niiki about Pavitra and Eijaz.

Day 55 8AM; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘hum rahi pyaar ke’ song.

8:45 AM; Kavita makes black tea for herself and taunts Abhi. Rubina takes a stand for Abhi. Kavita and Rubi argue with each other. Later, Niki and Pavitra argues with each other.

Further, Niki says to Kavita, Rubina irks her a lot and she wish once Abhi goes out than she makes Rubi down on her knee.

Later, Bigg Boss says now it is a time to choose a captain of the house. He says Aly can’t be the contender for the captain because he got punishment. BB says Jasmin, Rahul and Nikki are only the contender thus, they have to discuss along with Kavita have to mutually decide upon making a captain. Aly says how they can mutually decide. Eijaz says they have too.

Further, Jasmin, Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Kavita decide upon making the captain. Rahul, Jasmin and Nikkigets adamant to become the captain. All argues with each other.

4 PM; Rahul talk with Kavita. Nikki comes and accuses Rahul for trying to change her. Verbal argument happens between Rahul and Niki.

4:45 PM; Nikki talks with Kavita and says all will mutually stand for Jasmin. Kavita says Rahul will take a stand for himself. There, Rahul says he wants to become captain because he wants to take some rest. Nikki asks Jasmin if Rahul will say yes if she will become the captain.

Later, Jasmin asks the same thing to Rahul. Rahul gets adamant to become the captain.

5:15 PM; Nikki accuse Rahul for not sticking to his point. Rahul and Niki argue with each other.

5:30 PM; Rahul and Niki talks with each other. Both gets adamant on their decision. Kavita asks Team Jasmin to mutually decide fast. Niki takes a stand for herself.

6 PM; Bigg Boss asks the decision. Kavita says no mutual decision happened. BB cancelled the task.

7:15 PM; Pavitra talks with Rubi and says Niki might be praying so that she goes out tomorrow. Later, ugly argument happens between Niki and Pavitra.

Further on, Rubina reads the ‘chings jingle task’. Nikki becomes the judge of the house. Team Eijaz ,Pavitra Rubina and Abhinav in the other Team Jasmin ,Aly Kavita and Rahul. Task starts at 10:45 PM; Team Jasmin starts the task. Niki enjoys. Next, come Rubina’s team.  Team Jasmin wins the task. Towards the end of the episode, Rubina and Jasmin argues over the performed task.