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Today’s episode opens with Day 60 at 11PM; Nikki, Kavita, Abhi and Rubi congratulate Rahul and Eijaz for their exact calculation. There, Jasmin says to Aly that she is going through mental and emotional disturbance and being with him she at least smiles. She says to Aly that he is more deserving than him. Aly tries to make Jasmin understand that she is strong. Jasmin cries. Aly says to Jamsin she is here to win and he is weakening her thus, he is going. Other, inmates discuss Jasmin and Aly’s was very long.

Aly says to Jasmin that he was here to support her and not to win game. Jasmin cries for Aly. Kavita asks BB to slow down Aly and Jamsin’s convo as she is not able to take it. Rubina, Eijaz defend Kavita. Later, Aly decides to quit the show. Jasmin cries.

11:45 PM; Bigg Boss asks Aly to meet inmates and leave the house. Abhi says to Aly he won heart and his heart too. Aly gets teary.


Abhi says to Eijaz that Aly was fun guy. Rubina supports Abhi. Other side, Jasmin cries loudly for Aly.

Ahead, Jasmin asks Rahul to give Aly’s T-shirt which he left on the sofa. Rahul brings. Jasmin asks Rahul all said Aly was a deserving contender. Rahul console Jasmin. Jasmin decides to be strong for Aly as he trusted her and left everything for her.

Day 61 at 8 AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani’ movie title song.

12:15 PM; Rahul asks Nikki if girl farts less. Nikki says she don’t want to talk on this subject. There, Rubina talks with Abhi about Kavita. She says Kavita keeps much hatred. Inmates gets excited to see task setup.

3:30 PM; Kavita says to Nikki that Abhi is frustrated and looking for an opportunity to vent out at them.

Ahead, Bigg Boss reads the rule of next task so that one more contender can secure their finale seat. He asks Kavita to read the task details. Kavita reads the ‘Shark Attack’ task. Contenders have to catch their chair kept on the boat saving themselves from Shark. Eijaz becomes the dictator of the task.

5:15 PM; Eijaz talks with Abhi about the task. Abhi, Rubi, Rahul, Kavita and Nikki discuss about the strategy. Kavita says to Eijaz she can’t hurt anyone thus, she will go out today.

6 Pm; Rubi, Jasmin, Abhi, Rahul and Nikki sits on the chair post buzzer ring. Kavita is left. She says none will leave the chair for her. Rahul asks Kavita to convince Nikki. Kavita asks him not to make her understand. Eijaz asks Kavita to make an effort to distract inmates else BB will cancel the task. Kavita asks Eijaz not to teach her.

6:15 PM; Eijaz and Kavita argue with each other. Kavita says she is not in mood to do anything today. Abhi says last day she was in mood thus she brought personal issue. Rubi says today she knew she lost already.

6:30 PM; Rubi gives her chair to Kavita so that she can show her competitive spirit. Kavita refuses to fight. Abhi says to Kavita if she wants to personally attack them. Kavita asks Abhi if he wants her to bring out personal issue. Later, Kavita gets out from the task. Ahead, Rubi and Rahul argue with each other.

8 PM; Rubi asks Eijaz for water. Eijaz gives her. Jasmin got offended. Eiajz and Jasmnin argues with each other. Jasmin calls Eijaz fake.

Task gets over for the day. Later, Bigg Boss says today BB will create a history as he is going to show the episode to them which will air today. He shows the clips to the present contender. Nikki, Rahul, Kavita, Eijaz, ABhi, Jasmin and Rubi don’t understand what is happening. Further, they conclude they are so boring. Bigg Boss says all are non-competitive. He says they are betraying fans. Bigg Boss says he is opening the door and one who feels like walking out can go. Rubi says this exactly is the problem that all are egoistic. Nikki got offended. She argues with Rubi and Abhi. Later, Kavita accuse Rubi that she has turned whole house cold just like her husband. Nikki says she got dumb because of Rubi and Abhi. Abhi asks Nikki not to talk.

Kavita says to Rubi and Abhi that she will tell them outside. Rubi asks her Kavita to tell her here if she has guts. Kavita and Rubi argue with each other. Kavita walks out from the house. ABhi says she is doing drama. Rubi says Kavita will come back to lick what she has spitted.

10:15 PM; Jasmin asks Rubi if Kavita left. Rubi says she has less courage to face the fact. Jasmine tries to clear her misunderstanding with Eijaz. Eijaz refuses to excuse Jasmin.

10:30 PM; Rubi says Kavita is coward. Inmates feel ashamed of what they did. Further, Jamsin and Rahul talk with each other.

12;45 PM; Door gets closed. Jasmin says Kavita will not come. Rahul says door is closed now. (Episode ends)