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Today’s episode opens with Abhinav talking with Rubina. He explains her about Bigg Boss. Rubina says he matters to her only. Abhi suggest Rubi to speak what is right and outshine.

3:15PM; Jasmin asks Rahul if he is here keeping aside his ego and anger. Rahul says he don’t have ego. Jasmin asks Rahul what he think about her reaction on his threaten. She says she misunderstood him but she wanted apology from him. Rahul says he can’t say sorry instantly because he want to feel sorry from heart than only it is a sorry. He further apologizes to Jasmin. Jasmin and Rahul sort out their misunderstanding.

4:30 PM; Eijaz asks Nikki and Pavitra not to eat outside because monkey was about to enter the place. Nikki and Pavitra say they are not eating. Eijaz and Pavitra argue post Eijaz interrupt her from eating outside.

6:30 PM; Jasmin call Eijaz. Kavita apologize to Eijaz. Jasmin asks both to talk softly. Kavita asks Eijaz try to understand her and she will do the same. Eijaz and Kavita try to sort out their misunderstanding. Eijaz says to Kavita he will not tolerate anything what she had previously done. Kavita asks Eijaz to keep aside his ego and try to smile more.

Ahead, Nishant asks Kavita if anything sorted between her and Eijaz. Kavita says she asked apology from Eijaz and now it will depend on Eijaz what he decides. Later, Eijaz asks Nikki to take care of him.

12 AM; Shardul asks whosoever has drink the tea can wash their utensil. Pavitra says cup don’t belong to her. Eijaz asks Shardul to find out whose cup it is. Nikki discloses Naina drink green tea. Pavitra gets hyper learning that Nikki used luxury item. Jaan says he don’t know when Naina took green tea from luxury item. Nikki gets angry on Jaan for lying. Naina and Nikki argue with each other over green tea. Eijaz asks Naina and Nikki not to argue now

12:45AM; Naina tells to Shardul that Nikki is making content of green tea. Later, Eijaz decides to take an action against Naina for using luxury budget before he will get accused by Bigg Boss.

Day 31; at 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at beat of ‘Humma’.

8:45 AM; Eijaz asks Nikki if she is angry with Jaan. Niki says Jaan took false promise of her mother inspite giving green tea to Naina. Eijaz says he will talk with both.

Further, Eijaz talks with Naina and Jaan. Naina says she took green tea but she was clueless that others can get punishment because of it. Jaan says he told her about punishment. Naina asks Jaan not to double cross her because he didn’t told her. Eijaz decides to carry away luxury basket from Jaan. He orders him to keep in the store room. Naina asks Eijaz to give validation about giving her cigartte packet to Jaan and ask her to take them from Jaan. Eijaz refuses to.

Naina decides not to cook food today. She says to Abhi that she is not going to cook. Abhi asks Naina what happened. Naina says Eijaz keeps double standard. She refuses to perform duty and argue with Eijaz. Pavitra accuse Jaan for not telling to Naina about punishment for using green tea. Jaan gets angry. Ahead, Abhi asks Eijaz to somehow convince Naina to perform a duty.

10:15 AM; Nikki asks Eijaz if he want anything. Eijaz asks Nikki bring eggs after sometime. Nikki says she is hungry. Eijaz asks Nikki to go to Naina. Naina tells to Rahul hiding cigratte was Eijaz’s idea. Further, Abhi, Pavitra and Nikki ask Eijaz to convince Naina because he is captain of the house. Eijaz refuses to convince Naina.

Rahul asks Eijaz not to hold everyone because of Naina. Eijaz asks Rahul to go and asks from Jaan. Jaan refuses to return cigratte packet to Naina.

10:30 AM; Naina decides to prepare food except Jaan and Eijaz.

11:30 PM; Rubina says they are fighting with each other. Jasmin asks Naina why she prepared food. Naina says she didn’t prepared food for Eijaz and Jaan. She tells to her that Nikki is preparing from Eijaz.

12:30 PM; Nishant discuss with Rubina and says he is going for sure. Rubina and Nishant share a talk with each other.

1:15 PM; Pavitra asks Nikki why Eijaz is allowing her to take stuffs from mall. Nikki says because she is doing all his work. Ahead, Abhi shares a talk with Naina and tells to her that all have gang up against her.

6:30 PM; Bigg Boss announces about eviction. He says green zone contenders have to decide who amid Rubina, Jasmin, Nishant and Kavita deserves to be at the house. He further says if their decision matches with the audience decision than only one participant will be eliminated else there will be double eviction.

Task start, Bigg Boss calls Pavitra to the confession room. Pavitra takes Nishant’s name. Rahul, Nikki, Eijaz, Abhinav, Shardul and Jaan take Nishant’s name. Naina takes Kavita’s name.

6:45 PM; Bigg Boss tells as per the inmates vote Nishant is evicted. He asks Nishant to meet everyone and come out. Nishant bids adieu to everyone and leaves the house. Jaan cries for Nishant. Nikki consoles him. Jasmin asks Jaan not feel guilty but Nishant always tried to be fair with him. Jaan cries. Shardul hugs Jaan. He asks Jaan to sort his misunderstanding with Nishant. Bigg Boss says audience vote is yet to count and it will be interesting to watch if inmates thought matched with the audience or not.

10:45 PM; Jaan gets irked with Eijaz for continuously pushing him for performing duty.

11 PM; Bigg Boss says now it is a time to see audience vote. He asks Eijaz to open briefcase. Eijaz read out Kavita’s name. Kavita meets everyone and bids adieu and walks out without meeting Eijaz. Bigg Boss asks Rubina and Jasmin to shift to green zone.

11:15 PM; Pavitra hugs Eijaz. Eijaz gets upset post Kavita left.

12:45 PM; Abhi and Rubina shares a talk with each other. Abhi tells to Rubina all have ganged up here. He says Eijaz, Nikki, Pavitra are on one side. Abhi says Eijaz is applying because Kavita shifted him to green zone, he voted her to go to red zone and now he is upset post she left.

Episode ends with Pavita and Jasmin discussing about Jaan. Pavitra asks Jasmin to mark her words, Jaan can’t survive without Niki.